What Makes One A Stress Expert?
As a physical therapist, I became an expert at seeing how stress affected the health of my patients and how it affected their ability to heal.

It wasn’t the patients who were in accidents or had a one-time injury, those patients I would see, deliver physical therapy services, give them a home exercise program, they would reach their goals, and be discharged. They were the easy patients.

It was our patients who did not know why they were hurting, or what they had done to cause the pain and typically had a long list of chronic diseases to go with their long list of prescriptions and age was not usually a factor.UTUBE VIDEO 

What I found they had in common was chronic stress.

Our services helped lower their stress, their home exercise program helped them keep their stress in check and they felt better.

Until they stopped and found their symptoms returned.
They would come back for us to “fix” them again. We often lovingly called them our repeat offenders.

I’m sure many didn’t return and would go search for an answer somewhere else.

We couldn’t “fix” them, but we could teach them ways to lower their stress levels and allow their body to heal and feel better.

Have you ever noticed that experts are often great at helping others see their issues, but either don’t see or ignore their own?

I am Guilty.

(If you would like to hear more about how I came to realize, I was more like my patients than I thought instead of reading the rest of the story here. Check out the VIDEO version.)

I like my patients, went to several doctors trying to figure out why I didn’t feel good- headaches, leg aches, hormonal issues, anger, tired, overwhelmed with life. 

They all said I was “normal” and my symptoms were normal.

It took lying in an ambulance to see that I, like my patients, was becoming a repeat offender. My 3rd miscarriage in a 10-year period.

This took me down my own healing journey and specifically a better understanding of stress and how it was affecting my health.

At that time, I was an expert on the physical body. I knew the physical body inside and out. I also knew how stress affected it positively and negatively.

Yes, stress, Eustress plays a positive role in our health. As physical therapists, we prescribe exercise as a solution to most issues- this is a type of Eustress.

What I learned on my journey is you, and I are more than just our physical bodies.

We are also spiritual and emotional beings too.

What does that mean to our health?

Understanding how stress- specifically chronic stress or distress- affects our health.

Now, if you are a woman that feels stressed out, overwhelmed, or worn out occasionally or constantly, I want you to know I understand you. It's one thing that makes me a stress expert. 

If you don’t feel at all - maybe you are moving through life numb. Then know you are not alone - been there- felt that- or should I say felt nothing. I am here for you. It's another reason that makes me a stress expert.

Last but not least, if you are a woman who doesn’t believe stress is affecting you- but is dealing with weight issues, hormonal imbalance, diagnosed with any disease including a genetic disorder, autoimmune disease, or haven’t been diagnosed with anything, but just don’t have the energy to do what your want. Or maybe you just want to feel better. I'm here for you. Again, it's what makes me a stress expert. 

If you are curious about how stress is affecting you and those around you, I hope you will follow along with me here on my blog or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel because you are going to see a ton of videos there about stress and better understanding it.

You will also see me sharing videos on energy because as much as stress affects us, what I hear women wanting more of is energy.

Let me tell you a little secret.

When you have less stress, you have more energy.

I’ll also be sharing exercises, services, tips, tools, quizzes, and more to help lower your stress levels and increase your energy levels.

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I believe every woman (and man too) was created to live an exceptional life. Not a perfect life without stressors or hard circumstances- I’m not living on a rainbow with unicorns flying all around me.

But I do believe in hope and God’s promises, and I know you can live a life of less stress and more energy to do the things you love with those you love. I'm proof.

You were meant to move, and be spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced. Feel good, get good sleep, be your ideal weight, and be full of energy living out your purpose.

If that’s not how you feel, I want to help educate and empower you to live a life you enjoy.

What can I do to help YOU live an Exceptional Life?

Share in the comments and if I write a blog or do a video based on your comment, I’ll send you one of my books. Bye Bye Normal Hello Exceptional: Living a Life of Less Stress and More Energy!

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