Shawna Cale is an author, speaker, physical therapist, entrepreneur, life coach, and holistic health practitioner.


I am a woman, wife, mom, daughter, friend, and leader that loves Jesus. I love to dress up and feel beautiful and also dress down—take off my shoes and walk in the grass. 

I love traveling around the world seeing God's beautiful creations and looking for an adventure on the way: like jumping off waterfalls, out of an airplane, swimming with sea lions and sharks—okay, swimming with sharks was never on my bucket list, and once was enough, but it proves I will do just about anything once. 

I love to walk, hike, read, sit on a beach soaking up the sun and I am a lifelong learner that loves anything related to health and wellness.

Most of all, I love living an exceptional life of less stress and more energy to do ALL the things I love to do!


I married my college sweetheart Kevin in 1992, graduated from physical therapy school in 1993, and have three beautiful children—my childhood dream come true. I have worked with thousands of people over my career, helping them reach their health goals. My husband and I are entrepreneurs. We co-owned an outpatient physical therapy clinic while our children were young and built a home-based business as they grew to spend more time with our family, homeschooling, and the freedom to travel.

I love to help people connect the dots on how the whole being heals. I have dedicated my life to learning about health and wrote a book Bye Bye Normal Hello Exceptional: Living a Life of Less Stress and More Energy! where I share in Part 1: My Story and in Part 2: The Roadmap so others too can experience a life of gratitude, hope, love, forgiveness, and living a life doing the things they love to do.


To serve women from a heart-filled space spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

"I begin this day with love and joy in my heart."

To EDUCATE on health & wellness topics that bring healing to the whole woman.
To EMPOWER with tips and tools to create an exceptional life.  
To ENJOY a life of less stress and more energy.

Credentials and Training 
Clinician's Code - Metabolic Fitness Certificate of Training

 The Cell Blueprint™ - The Cell Blueprint Assessment is an evidence-driven assessment that addresses cellular dysfunction to determine if the cells in your body are: being provided with energy through energy sources and nutrients to function optimally, protected against harmful toxins, stress and other things like infections and dangerous free radicals, and their ability to thrive in an optimal environment. 

DAGCbPFn25ECornerstone Program - I've mastered the intake process, essential protocols and learned how to integrate retesting for comprehensive client management. This program has equipped me with practical tools to translate scientific knowledge into effective client care. With a deep understanding of identifying pathologies, delivering targeted treatments, and offering preventive care, I'm ready to elevate my practice to new heights. I'm now fully prepared to build confidence, cut overwhelm, and put together a successful program for my clients.

Laboratory Testing Fundamentals After completing this course, I now have the expertise to assess the reliability of laboratory tests using a critical evaluation methodology. Armed with this knowledge, I can interpret objective health data accurately and provide targeted solutions that address the root causes of my clients' health issues. I'm eager to apply this newfound expertise to enhance the well-being of those I serve.

As a Certified Functional Nutrition Informed Professional (CFNIP), I've completed a comprehensive course that equips me with the expertise to guide you on your journey to optimal health through evidence-based, holistic approaches that actually work. Whether you're struggling with chronic disease or seeking to improve your overall health. Together, we'll implement a nutritional framework tailored to your needs, driving lasting behavior change and helping you reclaim your health.

Advanced Course: Primitive Reflex Integration, led by Dr. Karen Pryor, PT, DPT. This certification equips me with specialized skills to address motor delays and neurological challenges through innovative therapeutic approaches. From understanding neuroplasticity to practical applications in therapy, I've gained insights into assessing primitive reflexes' influence on movement patterns and implementing evidence-based techniques for enhanced outcomes. This certification underscores my commitment to providing comprehensive and effective care to those in need.

Spastic Patterns Post-Brain Injury: Utilizing Primitive Reflex Treatment Strategies, led by Dr. Karen Pryor, PT, DPT. I've completed this specialized course focusing on neurological challenges post-cerebral vascular accidents, closed head injuries, or anoxia. By treating the root cause rather than just managing symptoms, I employ neuroplasticity techniques for faster relief. This approach, targeting motor function changes through understanding CNS anatomy, benefits patients experiencing tremors or muscle tone issues to optimize outcomes in these cases.

Primitive Reflexes: A Deeper Look into the Nervous System Pathways, led by Dr. Karen Pryor, PT, DPT. 
This program provided insights into reflex mechanisms and their interactions with the sympathetic nervous system. By understanding these connections, I've learned to enhance treatment outcomes by addressing factors hindering primitive reflex integration. Through this course, I gained skills in evaluating primitive reflexes, understanding their sensory influences, and promoting higher-level skills development. This knowledge enables me to optimize client outcomes effectively.

Primitive Reflex Integration: Testing, Identifying and Demonstrating Patterns, led by Dr. Karen Pryor, PT, DPT. This program equipped me with essential skills to assess primitive reflex patterns in the face and body, identifying abnormalities in the central nervous system that impact cortical function. Through active and passive testing methods, I've learned to differentiate primitive reflexes and integrate rotational patterns to enhance voluntary movement. By observing and documenting these patterns, I'm able to tailor therapy plans effectively, disarming primitive reflex power and promoting optimal movement. 

Clinician's Code - Metabolic Fitness Certificate of Training
   All About Glucose A comprehensive, up-to-date program on glucose regulation for Functional Medicine practitioners.

Professional Wellness Alliance

Sacred Space Healing Methods Level 1
    Sacred Space Healing System includes a full complement of unique healing methods. It is its own fully functioning system but can enhance any other healing system in existence. This system clears physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic systems that get clogged with memories, emotions, and trauma that can store in our bodies and even on the DNA. This will forever change the landscape of your healing.  

Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach- CHHWC
    Accredited Training Program through Holistic Coach Academy, we focus on the whole person; the interconnection between every part of one's life, and how it impacts overall health and wellness. Proven coaching program to help people move from stressed to empowered with coaching and support techniques. 

HeartMath Certified Practioner
    HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Regulation through The Institute for Better Health (IBH) and HeartMath. Stress and anxiety have a major impact on the health and well-being of people today. What if you could teach them simple techniques that could help them connect with their heart to manage stress and learn to regulate their emotions? Science demonstrates we can train our autonomic nervous system to support our well-being. Evidence-based techniques provide objective and measurable ways to see improvements in physiological and behavioral functioning. 

Touch for Health
    Touch For Health® kinesiology is a holistic wellness approach using a system of setting goals and clearing stressors, causing an imbalance within the whole person; spiritual, emotional, and physical. This is achieved through the balancing of posture and subtle energies through dialogue, muscle testing, and touch reflexes to connect with the body’s natural capacity to rebalance using principles of acupressure, neuorlymphatic points, neurovascular holding points, meridians, acupressure holding points, nutrition, and more.  

Certified Life Coach, LCTI 
    Life Coach Training Institute trains that coaching starts from the heart. Life coaching is an intentional relationship where a coach supports a client in developing vision and goals for their life and uses multiple strategies to empower the client to use their personal power to discover their own solutions. My goal as a Life Coach is to help every woman I work with see their potential and the real change that can occur in their lives as they take responsibility for their choices, fulfill their potential and reach their goals as I challenge, stretch, push, and hold them accountable all the while communicating an affirmation of "I believe in YOU!  You are a Winner! You are Exceptional!"

Certified through International Coach Federation (ICF) and International Association of Certified Coaches (IACC).

Healing Touch
    Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing, heart-centered energy therapy that uses gentle, intentional touch that helps balance spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Healing Touch is a collection of standardized, noninvasive techniques that clear, energize, and balance the human and environmental energy fields. Healing Touch helps create a coherent and balanced energy field, supporting one’s inherent ability to heal. It is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard medical care. Research suggests Healing Touch is beneficial in reducing stress, calming anxiety and reducing symptoms of depression, decreasing pain, strengthening the immune system, deepening spiritual connection, supporting cancer care, and supporting resiliency.

Lymphatic Technique with Essential Oils Training: In this hands-on cleansing technique, the client releases toxins through their lymphatic system. I apply essential oils and massage oil along with pressure to the skin to soften, activate, and move lymphatic fluid. This helps release emotional and physical obstacles and assists the body in achieving optimal health.

Training through CE InternationalExercise Therapy in Disease Management; Osteoporosis: A Silent Disease; Why Runners Need Strength; Blood Flow Restriction: Rehab & Fitness Implications; Functional Exercise: Building A Foundation Beyond THEREX; Stress, Pain & Relaxation, Type 1 Diabetes; Autoimmune Connective Tissue Diseases; Lyme Disease; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Neurodegenerative Disorders: Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease; Fasting & Intermittent Fasting.

Training through CE International: Women & Autoimmune Disease; Menopause, Hormones & Related Women’s Health Issues; Leaky Gut, Autoimmune Disease & Diet; The Hip: The Key to Back and Leg Pain; Relaxation Techniques for Health; Dance Medicine; The Foot & Ankle: Your First Step to Function; Immunity, Inflammation & Gut Microbiota; Nutrition, Brain Function, and Cognitive Performance.

Training through CE International: Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Revolutionize Your Rehabilitation: The Science of Recovery and Restoration.

Training through CE International: Liver Disease: The Role of Nutrition Therapy; Weight Loss/Weight Management; Toxic Foods; Renal Nutrition; Vitamin D: Vitamin or Hormone; Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; The Metabolic Syndrome; Obeseogenics: Obesity, Genes & the Environment.

Dynamic Stretching: The Missing Link to Fitness, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation.

Training through CE International: Fluid and Electrolyte Balance; Genetically Modified Foods; Nutritional Supplements and Exercise Performance; Exercise & Diabetes.

Certified Health Coach, CHC
  Evidence-based Health Coaching for Healthcare Providers through The National Society of Health Coaches. This program uses evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical strategies, and interventions to actively and safely engage clients in health behavior change to better self-manage their health, health risk, and acute and chronic conditions resulting in optimal wellness, lowered health risk, improved health outcomes, and decreased health costs.

Certified My Nutrition Advisor
   MNA aspires to help people lead healthy lives through natural solutions that people will actually follow. Years of experience have shown that superfood smoothies are the best long-term approach for most people because they are high in nutrition, low in calories, simple to make, and taste great. We develop our recipes to use researched-based foods that target specific health problems and goals.

Training through CE International: Healthy Joints: A Complementary Medicine Approach to Treating Arthritis; Nutritional Supplements; Living to Be 100; Effective Treatments for Sciatica; Fear Factor in Therapy; Pain: Empowerment Strategies.

CARE Intensive 
    Fundamentals of Aromatherapy, Chemistry of Essential Oils, Vitaflex, Raindrop Technique, and Emotional Release. This 3-Day Intensive was life-changing not only for me but for those that I have been able to assist with the daily use of essential oils, using Vitaflex techniques and the Raindrop Technique to enhance the body’s innate healing abilities and the ability to release emotions to live a more balanced life.

Multiple Sclerosis: Strategies for Physical and Occupational Therapists

Stretch Beyond Your Expectations

Training through CE International: Conquering Pain, Understanding Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Spiritual Assessment.

Spinal Health for Medical Professionals

PosturePro Certification: Using technology to receive a posture number to focus on posture to decrease pain, improve movement, optimize health and maximize performance. 

Training through CE International: Dietary Minerals; Mental Illness; Cancer Pain; Manual Therapy: Treating Problems Vs. Symptoms.

Sleep Health & Management

Total Motion Release

Lifestyle Assessment in Treatment of Back Pain

The Meeks Method-Osteoporosis: Comprehensive Treatment Strategy 

Certified Pilates Instructor (CPI) 
    Pilates Training through ProHealth (Professional Health & Fitness Institute)

Muscle Energy Techniques  
    Certificate in Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) manual therapy frequently used to correct lumbopelvic pain for the low-back and sacroiliac dysfunction.  

ACLS Certification - Cardiac Rehab Specialist 
    Worked with patients in Cardiac Rehabilitation setting both in hospital and transitioning to out-patient care.

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy 
    I attended the University of Oklahoma Health & Sciences Center and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy, I then became a board-certified registered physical therapist. I have continued my education to keep my physical therapy license of 20 hours of Continuing Education per year to improve my skills and knowledge. My past work history as a physical therapist includes Acute Care Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Outpatient Facilities, Nursing Homes, and Home Health. My specialties included cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, wound care, helping patients reach their goals of returning home, walking, and increasing their strength to pain management, returning to functional tasks and recreational hobbies, and I have empowered my patients since 2003 with a Pilates Rehabilitative 20 minute Home Exercise Program for overall health & wellness through core stability, postural improvement, and overall strengthening.

Are you ready to live an exceptional life?


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