New Year! New Word!

New Year! New Word!

Happy New Year!

I love new beginnings and that’s how I choose to think of the New Year! The New Year brings the opportunity to create new habits, new routines, and new ways of thinking- this week a new positive mindset.

If you haven’t read 3 Positive Mindsets for 2023click here.

Today is a great time to reflect on what we did this past year and what we hope to accomplish this next year. One way I have found helpful is to choose a word for the year. A WORD is an easy way to organize and focus my thoughts on what I would like to accomplish. Helps keep me motivated when things become overwhelming. 

New Year! New Word! 


In December I did several masterclasses with the word peace in them. I had no idea at the time that I would end up picking the word PEACE for 2023.

There was something about this quote I found: Peace is a stress-free state of security and calmness that comes when there's no fighting or war, everything coexisting in perfect harmony and freedom that really tugged at my heart. I knew this is where I wanted to put my focus in 2023.

I believe we are spiritual, emotional, and physical beings and when all 3 are connected - in sync - we have that 
perfect harmony- peace.


I know spiritually that Jesus is my peace. He lives within me and the Holy Spirit leads me when I listen. 
There it is. How often do I have spiritual war within because I am resisting the Holy Spirit rather than allowing Him to lead me? 

The WORD peace this year will help remind me that for my spiritual health I am committed to starting my morning in prayer with He who is the Prince of Peace and meditate on His Word- (I started The Jesus Bible 365-Day Devotional Reading Plan inside my YouVersion App this morning- if you would like to join me 
click here.)


As an emotional being- our emotions is what I believe connects our spirit with our physical body. So often I find myself in a more emotionally stressed state than the stress-free state of peace and calmness. 

The WORD peace this year will help remind me that for my emotional health I am committed to becoming aware of my emotional state- am I in the Blue Zone: Thriving, Yellow Zone: Fight, Green Zone: Flight, Red Zone: Overwhelmed or Blue Zone: Trauma/Freeze. (If you would like to know your default stressed state you can take the How Stressed Are You? Quiz by clicking here.)

Once I know how I am feeling emotionally I can ask myself how can I best support myself today to feel more safe, more calm, more peace?


Our physical body is amazing. It is the vessel, the temple that holds our spiritual and emotional beings within. We ask so much of it and often we find that it feels like a war has occurred. Our spiritual and emotional states affect our physical state as much as the physical activities we do, the food we eat and the years of wear and tear on our physical bodies. 

The WORD peace this year will help remind me that for my physical health I am committed to finding the balance between physical activity and physical rest. Supporting my physical body with exercise, sleep, hydration, nutrition - as well as living out my purpose, investing my time in my family, my clients and my community and having fun by choosing new experiences and healthy habits. 

I am excited for 2023! I am excited to live a life of more peace and less stress. 

Do you have a WORD for the Year?
I would love for you to share your WORD of the year with me. 

❤️Shawna Cale, PT, LCTI, CHHWC
Stress Expert


Do you ever feel like your body is at war with you? It's more common than you think. We live in a world where our bodies are the first thing we look at when we wake up and the last thing we see before going to bed. Through social media and advertising, it's easy to get caught up that there is only one way for our bodies to look or be. You may even obsess over your body size or appearance as a way of taking care of yourself, but doing so can sabotage your efforts to feel good about yourself—especially if you're comparing yourself (unfairly) against others.

Our bodies are not the enemy.

Your body is not your enemy. Your body is a gift, a sanctuary, a safe place - it wants what's best for you. Sometimes we don't like what our bodies are telling us because society has taught us that our bodies aren't good enough. But your body is good enough. Your body is an incredible and powerful thing, and it deserves all the love in the world.

We are more than just our external body.

So often we just look at our body from an external perspective. We are much more than just our external appearance- we have an internal physical body and we are spiritual and emotional beings too. When we can look at ourselves from a broader perspective -  what our body has done for us, what it allows us to do daily on this earth, how it houses our spiritual being and emotional being and connects us with ourselves, others, and God we can see who we truly are. 

Peace with our bodies.

If we want to live in peace and not at war with our bodies we need to start by making peace with ourselves. The first step is awareness- asking our body questions like, "How do you feel?", "What do you need?" And then listening to what it tells us. When we make peace with our bodies, we can see we are a beautiful creation of God. We can appreciate the way it moves and feels, and how it enables us to do all that we need to do in this world. When we are at peace with ourselves and others around us, then true love will flow freely.

Regardless of what your relationship with your body is like today, you can change it. Start with small steps like teaching your body that it is safe and supported with somatic exercises and then move into self-care activities to show your body how much you truly care and love it.


If you are ready to take the next step and have more PEACE IN YOUR BODY. 
. Peace in Your Body

Join me in this masterclass to learn the #1 reason you are not at peace with your body. How this one reason increases your risk for diabetes and heart disease and it’s not a lack of exercise or your diet. You will leave with a clear path on how to feel more peace in your body after this experiential session.

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