How to have More Energy in a Depleted World!

In order to have the energy we need to do the things we love, we need to look at the source of our problems. A lack of energy is the symptom, not the cause.

Research shows today we are holding onto more stress and have less energy than ever before. Yes! Stress is an energy zapper, and more and more women are waking up depleted. (If you are curious about the Top 10 Energy Zappers + Simple Solutions to an Exceptional Life Today! Check out this FREE Resource)

Have you ever noticed that when there is something you really want to do, you find the time to do it? But when you are lacking energy—it may seem like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get to the things you really love or want to do.

So how do we get enough energy to make more? 

Think of your body as a car—the only car you will ever have. You cannot trade it in and buy a new one. If you don’t take care of it—it will break down.

  1. It means our body like a car is meant to move—your car will rust if it just sits and you will too—it’s called oxidative stress.

  2. Just like your car needs to take pit stops and be filled with gas every so many miles, your body needs to be filled up too. (Breaks are like filling up your gas tank with the right kind of gas)

  3. Sleep is like plugging into a battery outlet all night long to recharge.

  4. Nutrition- just like you can’t fill up your car with just anything you need the right fuel. Real FOOD is what your body needs to build up energy reserves and stay running. CRAP is like adding watered-down gasoline that either bogs down your car and it doesn’t run at all or it just barely putts around.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, give your body the chance to recover. Recovery is actually active—not passive. American’s today spend more time relaxing in front of the TV thinking that it’s what they need to recover from a long busy day at work. But the truth is ENERGY BEGETS ENERGY. Watching TV is just draining more energy from you. Going for a walk through the park, or doing a yoga or pilates class. Whatever, you find enjoyable to get your body moving is going to increase your energy.

Exhaustion, procrastination, low energy, feeling lazy are signs of too much stress—chronic stress.

Short bursts of stress over a short period can give YOU energy—motivate and get you moving. 

Your energy level can be an enormous sign of how you are doing in the health department and is a direct correlation between your stress level and your energy level.

If you are finding your life is energy-less, I know how you feel. I was there, and I was seeking answers. That led me on a journey and writing a book and each chapter in Bye Bye Normal Hello Exceptional: Living a Life of Less Stress and More Energy! leads you to more energy.

If you are ready to live an exceptional life with the energy to do the things you love to do. Grab your copy today!

In this 2-part book, Shawna Cale shares her own story of holding onto past trauma that led her into spiritual, emotional, and physical dis-ease and the formula the Lord gave her to walk down the road of healing and living an exceptional life. 
Bye Bye Normal Hello Exceptional is for the woman…

· who feels she is all alone and nobody could ever understand

· who is tired of being sick and tired and told that it’s all “normal”

· who is seeking answers to questions she doesn’t even know to ask 

· who holds hope she can feel better but doesn’t know where to start

· who is fighting herself and everyone else just to get through each day

· who has faith there is something more for her life but doesn’t know what

· who wants to run away, but doesn’t know what or who she’s running away from 

· who hides her feelings because she believes if they knew the truth they wouldn’t love her

Your time is now to live a life of less stress and more energy.


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