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HI! Have you ever felt like you were riding the hormonal/emotional rollercoaster and your body was betraying you? Yet, you were told you were “normal.”

Lying in a hospital bed — after my third miscarriage in a 10-year period, I decided normal was overrated. I knew something had to change — I had to change, but I didn’t know where to start.

Things got worse, all I could think about is how do I run away from my life — the God-given life that was everything I had ever dreamed of yet I felt miserable inside, and worse I felt shame and guilt for feeling the way I did. 

Have you ever been helpless, desperate, searching for answers? 

I took a leap of faith and asked for help. 

I started making some changes and before I knew it, I was traveling down a whole new road — one that was leading me to holistic health — spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

If you’re curious about the changes, I made — the ones that led me to fewer headaches, cramps, back pain, and aching joints. Just ask. Or what helped me stop yelling and screaming at the kids and the hubby? I’m happy to share it. 

Maybe you are looking to have less stress, feel better, and have more energy. I know I was. ReallyAsk me! I am an open book. Literally, I wrote a book about my personal journey from normal to exceptional.

I am here for you! I know what it feels like to be all alone — an island amid a vast ocean. Life may not be easy — but we don’t have to make it so hard. Yes, there will be roadblocks (stressors) on the way, but there are solutions. That’s my superpower- finding solutions and empowering action!

It's time to live an exceptional life.

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❤️ Shawna

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