5 Signs You Are Overwhelmed

How much stress are you under?

It's hard to tell sometimes, but I've got some signs that can help you figure out whether you're feeling overwhelmed.

5 Signs You Are Overwhelmed

Sign #1

The first sign is the feeling of being overwhelmed. If you're having trouble focusing on your work, or if it feels like there are too many things coming at you at once, your brain might be telling you that it's time to take a breather.

Sign #2

The second sign is difficulty sleeping or eating well. This goes hand-in-hand with the first sign—if your brain is overloaded, it's going to have trouble processing other things like what foods are good for you and how much sleep you need.

Sign #3

The third sign is feeling depressed or anxious about the future. If things seem bleak and hopeless, this could be because your brain doesn't know how else to cope with all of its stressors.

Sign #4

The fourth sign is feeling physically ill from lack of sleep or poor nutrition—or just feeling generally worn down because your body isn't getting what it needs in order to function optimally.

Sign #5

The fifth sign is physical symptoms like headaches or stomachaches that can't be explained by something else (like an infection). These symptoms might be related to stress itself rather than any specific.

If you are feeling overwhelmed - your body is overstressed and it's asking for help. It can only stay in this highly stressed state for so long before your system either shuts down- Blue Zone: Trauma/Freeze or you use a self-care tool to bring your stress down.

If you are still not sure how stressed you are- take my free quiz.

#1 Self-Care Tool To Help YOU Move Out of Overwhelm

Looking for the #1 self-care tool to help you move out of overwhelm? 

Take a deep breath! 
And then do it again and again.

I know it seems too simple to work, but it works. If you would like to learn how you can take the breath and magnify it with an essential oil and release the depleting emotion- overwhelm join me in the Fill My Cup FB group where I just did a video, showing you how.

❤️Shawna Cale, PT, LCTI, CHHWC
Stress Expert


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