How Adaptable are You?

How adaptable are you?

That's not a question I would have asked myself 10 years ago. 

Now I ask myself this question a lot and here is why.

Healthy people that thrive in a world that is constantly changing, adapt quickly and efficiently.
My desire is to be healthy, how about you?

What is being adaptable really mean?

We have this awesome autonomic nervous system with this alarm in our brain stem called neuroception- it’s our threat detector that tells our body whether we are safe, in danger, or if something could be life-threatening. 

Stressors are what we call threats or triggers that may set off our alarm. Now, not all stressors are big and bad. There are positive stressors. Like doing something new: for example, getting married, having a baby, or going on vacation. All of these are exciting, but they can be stressful to our body.

There is also what we call eustress which is like exercises- exercises are any action that is done to improve your health or help you grow- this could be spiritually, emotionally, or physically. Again, this is considered a good stress- but it is a stress on your body.

There are also dangerous or toxic stressors this could be chemicals, heavy metals, molds, viruses, and even emotions. 

There are internal stressors, and there are external stressors.

Today I will not dive deep into stressors but I will share more about them in the future.

For now, I want you to understand that stressors turn on the threat detector and lead to stress in the body.

Of course, how adaptable you are affects how quickly your body feels threatened. The more adaptable the more stressors you can handle before going into a stressed state. The more adaptable the less time you spend in the stressed state. 

Stress is a natural response. 
Staying stressed is not. 
It's a sign that your system is maladaptive.

Too much stress, stress for too long, or stress that comes on too fast can lead to trauma- this response causes us to move into the Freeze State- which is a parasympathetic shutdown state. And causes what is known as the cell danger response. 

When our cells move into the cell danger response for too long, we have symptoms. Signs that our body is no longer adapting to stressors and is now turning on the symptom alarm to get your attention. 

Symptoms that continue because of the cell danger response- inflammation, pain, fatigue, metabolic issues, depression, fog, and rashes then lead to chronic diseases. Unless you become more adaptable. 

This brings us back to the question.

How adaptable are you?

Most of us like to see something that tells us how adaptive we are, I know I do!

That’s why I love using bioenergetic scans like the Zyto Insights that use voice frequency and kinetic response to generate what is known as a spark- it’s like your fingerprint in time. 

This spark is then put into an algorithm, which measures your body's ability in real-time to adapt to different common stressors and then gives you an adaptability index score.

The lower the score the less adaptable you are.
The higher the score the more adaptable you are.

If you are curious to learn your adaptability index score. I am happy to help you. Just click learn more below.

If you would like to learn more about adaptability and using the Zyto Insights scan to support your body through the holidays, I have a Masterclass that you can watch on YouTube with more information to help you on your health and wellness journey.


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