The ZYTO Insights app builds on our industry-leading voice analysis and biocommunication technologies.

After several years of research and development in these areas, ZYTO has created a patent-pending method to initiate and run what we call a Spark scan.

Watch the video and read on to learn more about what Insights is and how it works.

The Insights app creates the Spark scan using your unique biometric data. Here’s how the process works to help you make better wellness decisions faster than ever before, all without the need for hardware or software.


Research shows that frequencies in the voice can be analyzed to determine various states of health. The Insights app measures these frequencies as you speak into your phone or computer for about 10 seconds.

This is a similar type of technology that is used in our EVOX system, which has been assisting wellness professionals for more than a decade.



Your voice-frequency analysis is used to create a target. As the target appears on your screen, you touch or click on it 5 consecutive times.

Kinetic response is based on the well-researched concept of evoked potential, which can also be used to identify states of health. Combining voice analysis with your kinetic responses improves the uniqueness and accuracy of the Insights scan.



The app takes your voice energy and kinetic responses and generates your unique Spark—it’s like your fingerprint in real time!


Your Spark then ignites a proprietary algorithm, which scans the Spark against several digital signatures in just a few seconds.

These signatures may consist of food products if you are running a Foods scan, or wellness products as well as various energetic, emotional, and functional biomarkers if you’re running the Adaptability Index scan.


Your Spark scan responses are displayed in the Insights report. An outcome Ratio (oR) score is assigned to each item scanned. You’ll see this score displayed as a percentage next to each item in the report. Items with higher scores are the most desirable.


Available with an Insights Pro subscription or from a remote scan link issued by your wellness professional, the Adaptability Index also allows you to select and deselect products in your results report.

The selected products improve the Adaptability Index score and are automatically added to your Shopping List. With one more click, you are taken to an online order page to order the products.

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