Happy February!!!
This month is all about love, self-care, and your heart.💖

As you scroll down this newsletter you will find a month's worth of information. You may choose to look at all of it at one time or come back often to learn more. My mission is to help you to have the information and tools to live an exceptional life of less stress and more energy!

This month inside the Fill My Cup FB Group I will be hosting the Fill My Heart Series where every day I will share a quote, scripture, prayer and/or tips to help you fill your heart with more love, gratitude, and appreciation. If you are not already a member of this free Facebook group you can go there now.


Heart disease is the number one killer of women 

#1 Cause: Chronic Stress

How Do You Know if Your Heart is Stressed?

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Stress Quiz
The Perfect February Box
February is all about LOVE- whether you are focusing more on loving yourself or your partner this month, these ideas will not disappoint! I love mixing up my YL Loyalty Rewards wellness box throughout the year. It’s like my little gift to myself that is a fun treat to receive in the mail. 

For February, I wanted to show you these items that may be perfect for YOUR box! 
(Clicking the product will take you straight to the product on the Young Living Website.)
Some of the products have additional information after the product.

1 ❤️ Sensation Massage Oil: perfect for couples
2 ❤️ Sensation Hand & Body Lotion: romantic aroma & moisturizing
3 ❤️ ART Skin Care: anti-aging skin care (Learn more Text SKINCARE to 405-655-5424)
4 ❤️ Shutran Beard Oil: great as a gift! 
5 ❤️ Ningxia Greens: for vitality, immunity, heart & energy (Learn more about NingXia Greens click here)
6 ❤️ Joy: uplifting mood & romantic smell (Learn more about Joy here)
7 ❤️ Stress Away Bath Bombs: so relaxing & soothing
8 ❤️ Shutran Shave Cream: great for men & smells amazing
9 ❤️ Ningxia Red: feel good overall every day! (Click Here for NingXia Red Recipes)

February Gift with Purchase

This February, remember to take time out to show yourself some self-love. Nurture those daily practices that nourish you with February’s gift with purchase. We’ve included gifts to indulge your senses, protect your eyes, and maintain the look ofnvibrant and hydrated skin. Feel like you’re in the tropics while winter does its worst outside. Plus, earn 10 Loyalty Rewards points to indulge in your Young Living favorites! Here’s everything to look forward to with February’s gift with purchase. (All Products included with 300 PV Order)

I am most excited for the Coconut-Lime Replenishing Body Butter. I love to leave it next to my bed and slather it on my feet at night. It smells delicious and feels amazing.

Happy Hormones
I have a wellness secret! These two supplements are powerhouses when it comes to male/female wellness. 

Both Powergize & Endogize support the endocrine system of either the male/female body {Powergize} or the female body {Endogize}.  Support of this system is absolutely critical for having our body function at its best. 

I often have Powergize come up for me on my Zyto Insights Scan and I feel amazing when I take it.

Energy, mood, stamina, and happy hormones for everyone this February would be my gift to the world if I could…but for now, I’ll settle for spreading the word on these two gems and a special free GIFT I have for you.

If you have any questions about these two gems or the free e-book just ask I am happy to help.

Self-care, self-love, taking care… whatever you call it, I think FEBRUARY is a GREAT time to reflect on the love we show ourselves.

Who better to give some TLC to than yourself?!

I’ve put together some short notes on self-care + Young Living favorites, and I think I’ve given it a fresh spin! Want to check them out? 

Text SELFLOVE to 405-655-5424 and I’ll shoot over a note daily for a week! 

Or You can grab them right here and get them all at one time!

The 21-Day Journey is a foundational course designed to guide you through an experience inside of your nervous system while building safety, support, and capacity one somatic exercise at a time. 

Trauma work doesn't have to be scary and confusing.
This journey is not about figuring out your trauma or reliving your past. This journey is about giving your body (nervous system) what it needs right now in the present moment to heal. 

The key to addressing stored trauma in your body is in the biology itself. All trauma becomes stored in the body, on a cellular level. 

The good news is there is a simple, step-by-step process for addressing this stored trauma in your body. This process is the essential sequence that allows you to rise above trauma gently.

If you are tired of struggling and ready for healing. 
This course is for you!!!

Join us February 8th-28th, 2023 for the 21-Day Journey!


February Bonuses

Included in the 21-Day Journey for 30 Days




Spring Cleaning Coming Soon
Did you know that cleaning chemicals were first made in a lab by making a manmade version of what nature already provided via essential oils? 

Pine-Sol: From the simple green and yellow label your Grandma recognized, to the bright and cheerful look you see in your home today, the power of Pine-Sol® Cleaners lasts. Just after the start of the Great Depression in 1929, chemist Harry A. Cole found himself living in miles of pine forest near Jackson, Mississippi.
Mr. Cole long knew that pine oil was a natural disinfectant and deodorizer, so he rolled up his sleeves to create Pine-Sol® Brand Cleaner. In 1990, The Clorox Company acquired Pine-Sol® and set about innovating the formula and extending the line, with scented products that offer the same time-honored benefit of real clean.

We wanted things to come in pretty packages… Pretty is fun!
We wanted to mass produce… Everyone needs cleaners!
We wanted to be healthier & to disinfect… Nobody likes germs or disease spreading! 
But in 1994, Dr. Gary Young (who many call the Father of Modern Distillery) found a way to farm organic plants sustainably, distill their essential oils without altering the chemical makeup (most companies today alter chemical makeup), and give us products like Thieves Household Cleaner and Thieves Hand Sanitizer without synthetic chemicals. 
Today, with inflation being what it is, Thieves Cleaner is not only the healthiest & most effective option out there, it’s by far the cheapest. I’m celebrating that fact by buying a bottle for Spring Cleaning & by encouraging you to do the same.

Next month I will be hosting a Spring Cleaning inside my Fill My Cup FB Group so make sure to grab your Thieves this month and join me next month.

My Mission

Have a Heart Filled February,
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