Joy Essential Oil

Joy essential oil is an exceptional blend of oils to use every morning. 

When we want to live a life of less stress and more energy, our morning's matter. How we start our day is important to how we feel the rest of our day. 

This blend brings love and joy to the heart. And inspires us to live through our passions with joy.

This oil has so many emotional benefits that I have found it's truly a win-win oil every day.

You can diffuse it in the morning, place a drop on your wrist as a perfume or on your heart.


I love to challenge women to use Joy every morning on their heart along with the affirmation “I begin this day with love in my heart.” 

I keep my bottle of Joy right next to my toothpaste so as soon as I brush my teeth I can place a drop of Joy essential oil in my hands and breathe in deep (Heart Focused Breathing), place it on my heart and say my affirmation. 

I teach all about Heart Focused Breathing and more in the YOUr Heart Masterclasses in February 2023. This is a proven HeartMath Technique to lower stress and improve energy levels.

My Favorite Joy Resources

I have found that when I pray, read scripture, and meditate on God’s Word, I am more joyful. So after I put on my joy, I go right to my Exceptional Morning Routine (I talk about this on page 242 of my book.) – what I call PMF (Prayer, Meditation and Fasting)

Joy essential oil is a high frequency oil that brings up our frequency. Joy the emotion is also a high frequency emotion. When you “feel” joy you can better handle stressors that come your way and have more energy to do the things you love to do. 

Joy essential oil promotes the emotions of joy, happiness, and confidence. While helping us release emotional blocks like misery, grief, and anxiety preventing us from living an exceptional life. This is a great resource to use on your journey.

Joy Essential Oil
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