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In this series of six Masterclasses, taught by HeartMath Certified Professional Shawna Cale, PT, LCTI, CHHWC, and
Author of Bye Bye Normal Hello Exceptional: Living a Life of Less Stress & More Energy! you will receive a workbook with tools to decrease your stress, anxiety and start your heart-healing journey toward more energy and a happy, healthy heart.


Today Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of Women and Men. 

What is the root cause of heart disease? 


YOUr Heart- Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical are all connected, and when you use techniques that bring all three into coherence (balance, sync) then your heart heals and becomes more resilient to the stressors in your world.  

After completing these six Masterclasses and the 6 Proven Techniques to bring your stress and anxiety levels down you will feel the difference in a matter of minutes. Your workbook will help you continue the techniques and improve your HRV (Heart Rate Variability) a sign that your nervous system is balanced, and that your body is capable of adapting to its environment and performing at its best.

If you are ready to...




 then you are ready for the YOUr HEART Masterclass Series. 

Sign up today for $47. 
You will receive a HeartMath Workbook and may attend the Masterclasses live or watch the replays of 6 online videos that will walk you through each of the 6 techniques. 
Bonus: HeartMath Video Experience 

For $3 more dollars, you can join the 21-Day Journey: Trauma to Safety Foundational Course 
and the YOUr Heart Masterclasses are included as one of the February Bonuses.

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