I love May for so many reasons. 
Spring is in full bloom. 
My oldest son's birthday.
My husband's birthday.
And of course Mother's Day. 

Talking about Mother's Day- Here is a great gift you can make for the mom or woman in your life. 
You can even make it for yourself and then enjoy a Meditation while soaking in the bath.

Check out my YouTube Meditation Playlist in the month of May. 
Leave me a comment on YouTube and your name will go into a drawing for Lavender Calming Bath Bombs. 

Monthly Gifts with Purchase

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If you haven't tried the Rose Ointment- you are missing pure bliss.

*Citronella is great to wear on you to keep the bugs away. You can either use it straight from the bottle or make an Outdoor Spray. Plants love citronella too! Check out the 'Plant Love' Spray below.

*DiGize is a great essential oil to place on the belly after celebrations like birthdays, and graduations. 
Don't forget the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.  

When we are celebrating or spending extra time outside, we often make choices that are toxic to our bodies. 
*Detoxzyme is the perfect enzyme to add to your daily routine to help cleanse the body. 
You will find it helps to detoxify and aid in digestion.

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Young Living in the Kitchen

Ice Cream, Ice Cream we all scream for ICE CREAM!!! Here is a homemade ice cream recipe using some of our well-loved Vitality oils! Memorial Day Weekend will be the perfect time to enjoy this treat.

What are these oils good for? 
  • Lavender Vitality: contains antioxidants and may provide immune support when taken as a dietary supplement. It can also be added to foods and beverages giving a delicate, floral flavor that combines well with citrus and herbs
  • Spearmint Vitality: provides digestive and general wellness support, and can be used to add a fresh, minty flavor to soups, sauces, and teas.
  • Lemon Vitality: contains antioxidants, provides immune and circulatory support, and can be used to add a fresh flavor to food and beverages.

Product Spotlight

NingXia Red- Learn More Here

Did you know that NingXia Red can be your Easy Button for More Energy? If you are looking forward to enjoying the most out of your spring and summer, but are a little concerned you won't have the energy to keep up with family and friends. Then make sure to put NingXia Red on this month's order. 

My monthly order for MY family of 4 at home, includes the NingXia Red Loyalty Rewards
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Make sure to grab a few bottles or a 30-pack to join us in the 7-Day Energy Kickstarter June 1-7th, 2023. 
More Information to Come.

WHEN: May 11th, 8:00 pm CT
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 A Racing Mind 
be an Energy Issue?

Sleep Issues 
be an Energy Problem?

Weight Gain
Chronic Disease
all be an Energy Issue?

If you are dealing with any of the above
Join me as we dive deep into the Root Cause. 

You will leave this Masterclass with...
WHERE it happens.
WHY it happens.
WHAT you can do about it.
HOW you can help yourself and others.
WHEN it all starts. 

Oh, and I even have a Bonus.
An Easy Button for those of YOU that are already feeling overwhelmed, stressed-out, and worn out.

May is Mental Health Month
I am super passionate about helping people lower their stress!
 to see where you are on the Stress Continuum and how to live a life of less stress and more energy.

If you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or worn-out and need to fill your cup daily with some inspiration, 
join us in this FB group. I will be hosting a Free Online Retreat in June. 
If you haven't attended one of these retreats, join us this summer

This month inside the Fill My Cup FB group I'll be sharing 

Every time you comment on the YOUTUBE Video your name will go into a drawing for 
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I was first introduced to meditation in physical therapy school 30 years ago. I fought it for 20+ years and now it's part of my everyday routine to lower my stress and increase my energy. Ironically, I have found we fight what we need when we are stressed!

In the past few years, I have been producing some meditations for my Fill My Cup online retreats and sharing them on my YouTube channel. 

If like me you have been fighting meditation - this MAY be the perfect time to give it a chance. It's called a meditation practice, because it often takes time and practice to feel the results. It doesn't mean it's not working- it means it's something to do often.

There is a lot of research out there on how it helps with anxiety, depression, and overall feeling of well-being. The latest research is even showing those that those who practice meditation have a less likely chance of having COVID-19 (I found that interesting). 

You can go to my YouTube Channel Playlist and see a list of Meditations anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. I even have a walking meditation, which is a great place to start if you find sitting or lying down difficult. 

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You will learn what products, and services will help balance your body. What systems need the most support and the stressors affecting your health. 

Have a Marvelous May,
From my heart to yours,


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