Hello, JuLY! 

Summer is here!!! So is the heat!!!

Do you have a favorite way to keep cool? 
I am all about relaxing by the water and a frozen popsicle (aka my frozen NingXia Red Packet) to keep me cool. 

Which is why you will see NingXia Red Packets as my #1 July Wellness Box Idea.

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(I also get a few extra boxes of NingXia Red each summer for FREE by using my Loyalty Points- hey a girl has to find a fun and healthy way to stay cool all summer long.)

When you make a one-time order or a Loyalty Reward Order, you have the opportunity to earn some gifts with your purchase. 
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Order 190 PV and get this gorgeous Room Spritizer.
Check out the Diffuser Recipes Below- Double any of them and use them as a Room Spritzer Recipe.



Order 250 PV and get these wonderful Lavender Calming Bath Bombs + everything above.
I love how these make my skin feel too!!!

Order 300 PV and get this + everything above.
They made these for kids- but they are also great for adults if they have a hard time swallowing pills or are looking for a change. 

Let's talk summer recipes!!!
I love when my house smells like a summer beach vacation. 
(This beautiful to-go salad was made by my daughter Emily. Supergreen mix, chicken, green olives, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber.)

I am all about salads during the summer both to keep the kitchen and me cool. 
We all know what makes a salad is a great dressing and if you have ever looked at the back of a Salad Dressing bottle, you might just gasp at all the not-so-good things for you. Eek!!! Let's keep cool, healthy, and with this tasty orange vinaigrette, you can't go wrong. 
Do you ever feel like you are constantly running on empty, or that your body can no longer keep up with your to do list... 

Can you trust it to give you the energy you need to last through the day? 

If it's been a mystery how others have boundless vitality while you struggle to keep up, know that you’re not alone.

These are cellular energy production symptoms.

Cellular energy is the energy our cells use to do everything, and it comes from healthy, functional mitochondria.

But, how do those mitochondria get the energy boost they need to create the energy you need?

It may not be what you have been led to believe.

Curious how you can be empowered to have more energy?

If you didn't join us in the More Energy!!! FB Group in June what are you waiting for?
The next 7-Day Energy Kickstarter Challenge starts July 24th-30th.

Let's put Energy Boosters into Practice for 7 days and See How We Feel!!!

Those who participated in the June 7-Day Energy Kickstarter Challenge were feeling a difference after the first day.
Some with Energy Levels of 4 jumped to a 6, and 6's jumped to an 8, and even a 5 to a 9. 

Let's make JuLY a Stress-Less Month
Where are you on the Stress Continuum?
I am super passionate about helping people lower their stress. 
Finding out where you spend more time on the Stress Continuum will help you know the steps
you can take this summer to break the cycle and have a thriving life filled with more fun and energy.
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My Heart and the Reason I Wrote this Book For You…

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Have an Energy-Filled July,
From my heart to yours,


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