At the root of anxiety is some type of fear. Fear arises when your security or stability is threatened. While fear is designed to warn you of real danger, the few times the danger is real are offset by the thousands of times it isn’t. Philosophies, religions, and a myriad of books talk about overcoming fear. But for all the attention to the subject, fear is still one of the last things that most people are actually able to let go of. Positive thinking and affirmations alone aren't always enough. 

You can’t visualize, think, rationalize, or affirm your fears away, because beliefs call the shots. Your thoughts come from those limiting beliefs that set off emotions and leave you with the feelings. If you don’t feel and deeply believe what you’re affirming, the fear will keep recurring. 

If you are ready to get down to what beliefs are behind your anxiety, then the Exceptional Health Masterclass may be your answer. This is where we dive deep into the Belief Circle and flipping those beliefs from limiting to empowering. We go into depth on releasing emotions that are blocking you from reaching your goals. 

As a HeartMath Practitioner with a Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Regulation, I teach proven techniques that transform anxiety to serenity. If you would like to learn these techniques check out the YOUr Heart Workshop.



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