In Bye Bye Normal Hello Exceptional, I share my personal struggle with trust. 
When we feel betrayed by others or feel betrayed by our own body—trust can be an issue—one that drains us from living our most exceptional life. 
Our circumstances and experiences often create a limiting belief of distrust or a fear of intimacy and connection, and unless we flip it we find ourselves feeling alone, scared, and disconnected. I hope you find this meditation a blessing.
If you are an oiler and have the oil Forgiveness, have it available to use during the meditation. If you don’t that’s okay you will still receive significant benefits from the meditation.

Emotional Release
Did you know that trust is the step before forgiveness? 
Forgiveness is a huge part of my story. But first, we must trust.
If you need a daily reminder, here is what I do.

Lifestyle Resources
This is how I keep my body fit while balancing the rest of my busy life.

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