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Regain balance in your life.
Touch for Health (TFH) is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world.

What is Touch For Health® Specialized Kinesiology?
It is beneficial for EVERYONE of all ages. Sessions are done while fully clothed either sitting, standing, or lying down, and can be done anywhere.

Potential Benefits:
•    Increases energy
•    Accelerate recovery from injury, illness, and surgery
•    Stimulate the body’s own healing ability
•    Reprogram muscle memory
•    Correct dyslexic tendencies
•    Improve health and wellness
•    Counteract fatigue
•    Improve posture
Using muscle checking by isolating a specific muscle to determine how well the muscle is functioning.  Muscles that aren’t functioning at optimum capacity are corrected by using various techniques to restore full function.
Touch For Health® is specialized kinesiology and holistic care based upon ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses principles of acupressure, neuorlymphatic points, neurovascular holding points, meridians, acupressure holding points, nutrition, and more.  The wellness of one is addressed as a whole, whether it’s physical, emotional, or nutritional.

When to have a session:
•    Sessions can be done as often as one would like
•    Headaches
•    Muscle Aches/Pains
•    Digestion Issues
•    Fatigue
•    Environmental & Food Intolerances
•    Prepare for an upcoming event(s)
•    “Attitude Adjustment”

Stress is a major factor affecting our health. Work, social life, and other activities demand our attention and involvement constantly. In return, we forget to take time off and relax our minds and bodies. Kinesiology identifies stress in our muscles and uses relaxation techniques to release tension and improve our mood, health, and overall wellbeing. Of course, there are many other Kinesiology applications.
In TFH we use muscle testing as a method of biofeedback to identify imbalances in the body's energy system. Utilizing a holistic approach, we re-balance the body's energies and activate the body's intrinsic healing process so that the body can better heal itself. This allows the body to better flip limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs and release trapped emotions so that individuals can better achieve their life goals and true potential with goal specific balancing. 

You can receive a 2 hour Touch For Health® Balancing Appointment. 
The cost of a TFH session is $100 per hour or 4 credits.

What is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology studies the mechanics of human movement and how they affect our health and wellbeing. It is a holistic approach combining Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Psychology principles to help increase or repair the physical mobility of patients. As a physical therapist for over 25 years - I used muscle testing only for the physical aspect of strengthening. As I have learned over the past 10 years we are much more than just a physical body and how our spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies connect plays a huge part in our healing. 

Main objectives of Kinesiology:

  • *Relaxation
  • *Correcting the alignment and posture of the body
  • *Increasing joints mobility
  • *Increasing muscle strength
  • *Increasing muscular endurance
  • *Coordination, control, balance
  • *Exercise training
  • *Respiratory re-education
  • *Sensory re-education

2 -Hour TFH Session

with Shawna Cale, PT, LCTI

Exceptional Life Coach, Touch for Health Practitioner


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