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Sleep Hygiene- let's see you sleep well tonight!

Hi there! I would like you to sleep AMAZINGLY well tonight. If you’re like me, I’m thinking your answer to this idea would be that you agree!
I’m going to share my notes on Sleep Hygiene with you. I have some great tips for troubleshooting your routine + some of my favorite YL tools that have been fantastic when I’ve used them. 

I’m excited to share this because I really do want you to have amazing sleep. 
Did you know that without good sleep, we can have all sorts of issues pop up with our health? Things like daily stress, illness, and physical health issues can all affect our quality of sleep. Diet and environmental toxicity play a huge role too! If you’re in a season of caregiving for a child or loved one that causes your sleep to be interrupted, you’ve got even more reason to double down on your quality sleep efforts in my book! It’s not selfish to sleep … it’s healthy for you & those around you. 

Lack of consistent quality sleep can cause heart issues, exhaustion, moodiness, weight gain, and anxiety and can negatively impact our ability to focus. But most of all, if we don't sleep, our immune system suffers. Ugh. 

Good news—there is much you can do to turn the ship around if you’re suffering from poor-quality sleep. The easiest thing we can do is to set a healthy wind-down routine.  

Just like children need an evening routine before bedtime, adults benefit from it too! I’m not talking about having someone sing you a lullaby or read a fairytale to you though that would be nice—LOL!
Troubleshooting a wind-down routine for adults is honestly enjoyable & could include things like:

- taking a warm bath with Stress Away Bath Bombs (my favorite)
- washing and pampering your face with the ART skincare line
- applying Rutavala to the bottom of your feet or Valor on your big toe (works amazingly)
- setting your diffuser with Northern Lights Black Spruce 30 minutes before bed
- reducing or omitting sugar, alcohol & caffeine before bed (makes a huge difference for me)
- getting to bed before 10 p.m.

Now to hone in on an area of my expertise (trying to be of service to you! I’d love to share a little about why to diffuse essential oils at night. 
When we sleep, the brain goes through a reset as it stores memories and information from the day. It allows the cells a chance to restore at this time. There is a glamorous name for it called the glymphatic system and it helps restore, repair & reprogram cells. One of the *best* and most amazing qualities of Young Living essential oils. Fragrance oils don’t do this, but YL oils do is support the brain through this process.

Diffusing essential oils (especially tree oils like NLBS, Frankincense, or Pine) is one of the best ways we can help your brain. Essential oils with sedative, calming, or grounding properties are amazing for sleep!

Can't diffuse at night for whatever reason? Put oils right on your brain stem (on the back of your neck, in the soft spot at the top of your spine) or on the bottom of your feet. 

Adjusting your lifestyle is simple, costs you nothing, and doesn’t require any products to use or purchase. This is my kind of thing! 

It’s not always “easy” to get into a new habit. But if you’re familiar with poor sleep, then I know you know when it’s worth it to make a change! 

I know I already mentioned some ideas for creating an evening routine for yourself. But to just expand lightly, I’d encourage you to consider these things to help improve your sleep quality …
  • Limiting dietary triggers & increasing protein
  • Increasing sun exposure (watching the sunrise helps to set your circadian rhythm and gives you more energy during the day and deeper sleep at night.)
  • Staying physically active during the day
  • Limiting or omitting screen time (blue light) one hour before bed 
Which of these sounds like something you may benefit from?
Oh! Your body can actually also be supported to make more melatonin naturally by applying Cedarwood essential oil to the crown of your head. I’ve got more great hacks like this to share next …

It's always best to allow the body to form natural rhythms. And whenever possible, I try to get my vitamins and minerals from food. But when I can't, these are some things from my Young Living stash that I reach towards that I want you to know about.
- SleepEssence: essential oils + melatonin in a tiny capsule to help you fall asleep (I use this when traveling)
- Cortistop: regulates cortisol & helps the mind calm down for highly stressed individuals 
- Unwind: an ingestible magnesium powder pixie stick for kids + adults
- Essential Oils: Lavender, Valor, Peace & Calming, Cedarwood, Tranquil … enjoy those sedative properties 
- Golden Turmeric: a soothing powder to mix in water/nut milk to allow the body to relax, restore, and recover
- ImmuPro: a mushroom tablet for oxidative stress and immunity with added melatonin

I don't start with all of these. I start with just one and then add one or two to my subscription box each month, then I just use them as needed. (And I always snag them when YL offers them for free as a promo!)

If you are curious about which one would best help your body you may find a Zyto Insights scan helpful. Click here to learn more and get your first Zyto Insights Scan and 1-1 Consult for free. 

Here is a handy chart you can use to get some idea of which YL products may be a great option based on your sleep needs. I hope this is helpful! 
Also, would you have an interest in using a sleep tracker?! I put one together that you can download & print off to use to help you establish a routine. You can jot down which essential oils, supplements, lifestyle adjustments, etc. you are using & mark off each day you stay consistent. Here is a link to download it 

Totally up to you & no pressure, but it’s here for the taking! 
Good sleep habits & deep quality sleep don’t happen overnight. Give your new routine time!  

There is a root cause for low-quality sleep, and I commend you for taking care of yourself by trying some things to get your consistent quality sleep back. If you find that you have tried many or all of these already and still have sleep issues, there is a chance your body doesn't feel safe and you may benefit from my 21-Day Journey: Trauma to Safety. If you would like to know more about this foundational course you can click here to learn more.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. Wishing you amazing sleep from here on! 
❤️Shawna Cale, PT, LCTI, CHHWC
Stress Expert



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