My Favorite Resources
This is where I keep all my favorite resources in one place. Enjoy!
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This book has been my go-to resource as a mom for the past 8 years and a book I recommend to moms who are expecting or have young children.

This is a fun book for expecting moms. I haven't needed it, but it is one of my go-to resources for educational purposes.


I wrote this book for women who are tired of being told that everything they are feeling is "normal." I decided normal was highly overrated and decided to make a change. One of less stress and more energy. 

I found this book very helpful in better understanding my hormones and my monthly cycle. 


Talk about a fun book to read. This book is written to you for you straight from the Lucy's in the world. Understand your hormones and help yourself feel more beautiful in the bedroom. A must-have for every oily woman's library.

I use this book every day. I have one in every room and I have it on my phone. If you are ready to release daily emotions, you need this book. If you are ready to release trapped emotions, you need this book. 


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