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Rejuvenate Health & Wellness Lounge Address: 4127 NW 122nd St Suite E, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Hi! My name is Shawna Cale and I am a physical therapist, certified holistic health and wellness coach, and life coach. My mission is to help stressed-out, overwhelmed, and worn-out women live a life of less stress and more energy. I use many tools in my holistic practice and I am bringing a few of them to Rejuvenate.


 One of the first things I like to do with all my clients is a Bio-Energetic Scan (it only takes about 10 seconds to do this voice scan) to see what you are needing at the moment and your top stressors. 
Have you ever wondered where to start on your health journey- this scan tells you what you are ready for.

Why a Raindrop?

*Balances the body's energy
*Reduces Anxiety and Stress
*Strengthen the Immune System
*Aligns the Spine
*Releases Toxins
*Improves Circulation
*Reduces Inflammation

I do several levels of Lymphatic Detox Sessions based on what your body is ready for. In each detox session, we will target the body's lymphatic system (the garbage disposal and holding tank for toxins and fat) with or without essential oils and a hands-on technique that promotes a unique cleansing process. If toxins are not released from the body, the entire system can become sluggish, which may cause sickness and disease.

Some of the potential issues that these sessions can support: 
  • edema
  • weight gain
  • allergies
  • lack of energy
  • and many other issues resulting from a blocked system.
Some of the amazing results from past clients' experiences include more energy, reduction in cellulite, better circulation, improved digestion, and immune system.

(Included at the end is a 30-minute Ionic Foot Bath Session) 

Schedule and Pay for your Session Below

Bio-Energetic Scan ONLY
1 hour/ $75.00


Lymphatic Detox Session
(Included: Bio-Energetic Scan)
(Included: Ionic Foot Bath)
2 hours/ $150


Lymphatic Detox Package
3 sessions up to 5 hours total-$300


Rejuvenate Health & Wellness Lounge Address: 4127 NW 122nd St Suite E, Oklahoma City, OK 73120


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