happy March! 

If it is not spring yet where you are, it will be soon! We are focusing on Spring Cleaning this month that includes inside the body ... and in the house.
Did you know that draining your lymphatic system has been shown to help decrease and even alleviate allergies? That's why I am going to be sharing daily Lymph Tips inside the Fill My Cup FB group March 2nd-16th. Click here to join me for the Spring Cleaning- Lymphatic System.

A great addition to lymph work is this little roller recipe. It works so much faster than those over-the-counter "solutions"...not to mention it's a lot safer.

Are you ready for some St. Patty Fun? Inside the Fill My Cup FB Group March 17th-19th I am going to be hosting a Game Leprechaun Says! Make sure to join us by clicking here. 


Now we don't want to forget Spring Cleaning our home. So grab your Thieves Household cleaner or the whole Kit and Kaboodle and join me March 20th-31st as we do Spring Cleaning the Easy Way inside the Fill My Cup FB Group.

By the way, have you started your Loyalty Rewards orders yet? It's the best deal! Earn points to cash in for free products when you order 50PV or more every month. Learn more about Loyalty Rewards HERE. 

Nothing like a good bowl of Easy Guacamole for a Spring Evening or my favorite side dish to take to a Spring Bar-BQ.

Did you see all these great gifts for March?
You can click here for more details.

I am excited about all of them but I'll give you my secret for the Lushious Lemon Essential Oil.

I have a bouquet of Sunflowers in my bathroom (fake of course) I put a drop of this wonderful Essential oil in the middle of each one and my bathroom smells lovely.  

Are you going to Convention?
Some of my best memories have been at the Young Living Conventions. 
Learning, meeting other Young Living Members, and the overall experience.
Let me know if you are going so we can hug necks and say hello.


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