Is Stress Blocking Your JOY?
Your personalized guide to understanding what’s blocking you from experiencing a cup full of JOY.

đź’• Whether you are in the Yellow Zone- Surviving.

đź’•Whether you are in the Green Zone- Struggling.

đź’•Whether you are in the Red Zone- Overwhelmed.

đź’•Whether you are in the Blue Zone- Trauma.


See this Cup?

Let's think of it as our body. Everything around this cup is in the outer world, but what's in this cup is what is in your inner world.

I believe we are spiritual, emotional, and physical beings...

and though the outer cup represents my outer body- everything else lives inside. 

So today, we are going to focus inside of our cup and how we can fill our cup with JOY and all the other beautiful wonderful things we desire. 
We also need to understand our biggest blocker- STRESS. 
Yes, Stress blocks us from experiencing a cup full of JOY.

If your joy blocker is
The Yellow Zone- Surviving

I want you to know this is all part of your nervous system’s way of keeping you safe. Even though the thing in front of you like the “tree” in the here and now might actually be safe, based on past information our self-protective circuit is saying it's not safe in the here and now, even though you might be safe in the here and now.

If your joy blocker is
The Green Zone- Struggling

So if in the past you had experiences that were unsafe and they're stored in this database of information, and the way that you were able to get through them was by mobilizing with this sympathetic nervous system- “Flight” state, by doing, doing doing all of the time. Guess what your system will say. That's a really great thing or technique to use. And it makes so much sense because your autonomic nervous system is doing everything to keep you safe.

If your joy blocker is
The Red Zone- Overwhelm

I want you to know that we don’t have control over our threat detector. If we have had past experiences, traumas, especially in our childhood - the first 7 years of our lives. The littlest trigger can set off our alarm and keep us in this Sympathetic State. If we haven’t learned or been taught how to regulate and how to take off the Vagal Brake and move towards the ParaSympathetic State, our body is doing its very best to protect us. 

If your joy blocker is
The Blue Zone- Trauma

And this is when our body says “Life Threatening” I know you can’t handle anymore- the alarm turns off- the heart rate slows down, and we move into the Dorsal Vagal Complex- What I call the Blue Zone- and you may have heard of as the Freeze State. This is the opposite of our Sympathetic Nervous System. You can think of it as immobilization or shutdown. You can think of it like a bear hibernating. Opossum playing dead. Your system saying, Whoa! This is so much. I'm just going to shut down, and I’ll leave my body altogether.

One reason I am so passionate about this topic is that I remember life in the Stress Continuum moving between the Yellow Zone and the Red Zone all day, everyday, for years. 

Then one body which I thought for along time had betrayed me- until I realized that it was protecting me. It's job was to keep me safe and alive and that's exactly what it did. I'm still here today- I believe with a purpose to share there is a way to fill your cup with more joy and spend less time in the stress continuum and more time thriving and living an exceptional life.

So just like we have this Stress Continuum that moves us away from JOY. 
We can also move through the Healing Stages towards JOY. 

This is where I would like to invite you to the Fill My Cup with Joy Online Retreat. 
For 5 nights we are going to move through the stress continuum and I am going to teach you a wonderfully gentle way 
that you can learn how to shift from the Sympathetic States
of the Yellow Zone, Green Zone, and Red Zone to the beautiful Blue Zone- Thriving. 
This is where we experience JOY. 
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