Are you ready to Experience 2024? 

I AM!!!

I love new beginnings and today is just that- a New Year! a New Month! a New Week! a New Day!

Do you have Your Word for 2024? 

I'd love to know what it is. 

I am doing something special for each person who shares their Word For The Year this week inside the Exceptional Holistic Health Community FB Group. 

If you are not there what are you waiting for? Click Here to get into the FB Group.  
Then go to the Featured Posts that has the Word For The Year Graphic like above. 

Inside this Community FB Group, I host lots of Zoom Calls and share information to help you fill your cup and live a life of less stress and more energy.

Every Month I have an Essential Oil that I have chosen to teach and to share how to release an emotion no longer serving us and flip it to an emotion that will better serve us in 2024. January's Essential Oil is Lemon and on the 8th we will be releasing sadness and moving towards joy. 

There are many other great freebies this month that you can learn more about by clicking here.
I'm most excited about the Thieves Chest Rub. I love putting it under my ears down my neck and on my chest at night before bed.


Shawna Cale, PT, LCTI, CHHWC
Stress Expert


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