Mini-Retreat Day 1 - What’s In Your Cup?

Hello, Hello!
I heard that every retreat needs music. Here are 3 songs that I chose for Retreat Day 1. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Empty Me (4:24)

Overflow (4:18)  

Day 1 Retreat Scripture: 

Day 1 Overview: 

Day 1 Exceptional Solution: Take Responsibility for Your Life.

Day 1 Fill My Cup Challenge- Go on a Daily Morning Gratitude Walk starting tomorrow. 

Mini-Retreat Day 3 - Cup of Freedom

What does Freedom look and feel like to you? I chose these 3 songs because they remind me of Freedom.


Innocence Lost Amy Grant-

Forgiveness- Matthew West-

Chris August 7 times 70-

Day 3 Mini-Retreat Video

Day 3 Freedom Meditation 

Day 3 Belief Circle Homework Video Practice (Aka: Homework)


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