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Inside the 21-Day Journey

Investing in your healing journey is one of the most valuable things you can do.  
What you will get out of the course will be directly tied to what you put into it.
(Value $1825)

A one-time payment of $50 gives you assess to the course for 3 months.

21 Different Guided Exercises:
You will have daily pre-recorded guided videos with Somatic and Neuroaffective Touch Exercises in a specific order, the essential sequence, designed to safely address stored trauma. 
Value $825

Experiential & Intellectual Journey: 
This course is both an experiential and intellectual journey into your nervous system.
 21 days to create and build a routine to support you through your healing journey.

Value $300

Group and 1-1 Coaching
You will be invited to the Masterclasses in the month that you join and if you complete the 21 days within 30 days you will receive a 1-1 Coaching Call to help you on your next step. 

Value $700

We don't always have the capacity to complete a course in 21-Days and that's Okay. 

you will have 3 Months access to the course.

When we have trauma stored, we often feel stuck in different areas of our lives. 
When we become aware of the areas we are stuck in today, we can begin to take the steps to heal our trauma with new experiences (safety and support) for our nervous system. 


if you were actually fully present rather than just reacting...

Does this sound like you?

  • You are here physically, but not emotionally.
  • You struggle to have the energy to be present.
  • You lose hours staring at a screen.
  • Your mind wanders off in a meeting or a conversation.
  • You suffer from physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, joint pain, or stomachaches.
I've tried before.
You’ve tried your best to change the pattern; tried to strengthen your willpower, but your body will “sabotage” you by shutting down or over-reacting when you don’t want it to- that's because of stored trauma.
Often we have used strategies that focus on just the brain and don’t address the body. These are great practices when combating stress, not for addressing stored trauma. It’s not your fault, change IS possible when you know what to do.

How Do I Know If This Course is For Me?
Are you ready to...

Better understand your basic survival system (nervous system) and how it impacts your life?

Shift your emotional state and address stored trauma?

Start living your life on your own terms?

What is included
21-Day Program
You will receive a daily email with your daily exercise inside the Xperiencify Learning Platform. 
Each day after you complete the exercise you will click done and receive a point.
When you have received your 21 points, you will be rewarded with a 1-1 Coaching Call.

Day 1: YOUr Journey- Tracking Your Nervous System 
Day 2: Where am I? Am I safe?
Day 3: Am I Grounded? 
Day 4: Creating Space 
Day 5: The Vagus Nerve 
Day 6: Setting Safe Boundaries 
Day 7: Felt Sense of Safety
Day 8: Having Your Back
Day 9: Weight of the World 
Day 10: The Cornerstone
Day 11: Bracing 
Day 12: Holding the Heart 
Day 13: The Window to the Soul 
Day 14: Carrying the Burden 
Day 15: The Breath 
Day 16: Hear me Roar
Day 17: Experiencing Joy! 
Day 18: Growing Capacity 
Day 19: All Parts of Me 
Day 20: Managing My emotions - Without Stuffing Them! 
Day 21: Celebration

After you have completed your 21-Days you will book a 1-1 Coaching Session.
(You will have 30 days, to complete the program to receive your 1-1 Coaching Session.)

  • Masterclass Bonus:  Uncomfortable Vs. Unmanageable
  • Masterclass Bonus: Supporting Your Body through the Freeze Response
  • Masterclass Bonus: Biology of Trauma- the How
  • Masterclass Bonus: Coping Mechanisms
  • Masterclass Bonus: The Inner Critic
Who Is this Course Not For?

Those who are currently unable to function independently for physical, mental, or emotional reasons.

This course is not for those who could not or would not be able to do their own work but rely on others to fix them.

This course is not for those looking for a doctor, therapist, or diagnosis. The course does not provide individualized medical or psychological care such as diagnosis, therapy, or treatment. 

What a few of the women had to say...



Q: How much time will I need to complete the program?
A: Minimum- You will need to invest 15 minutes a day. (Track, Watch Video- Perform Exercise)
A: Optional- You will have access to 2 group coaching calls (replays) each week (1-1/2 hours each).

Q: What do I need to do this 21-Day Journey?
A: You will need access to the internet through your phone or computer for the daily email and exercise.
A: You will need to print off the Daily Tracker.
A: I highly recommend a journal to write in for the 21-Days- this will help you document how you are feeling and to watch your growth.

Q: How is this different from the 21-Day Reset?
A: The 21-Day Reset is a program using breathwork for all 21-Days. Each day is to practice the deep restorative breath so that your nervous system knows what it is like to move towards the Parasympathetic System and to the Blue Zone-Thriving. As you practice this breath with an intention, your body releases whatever it is ready to release that may get in your way. This is great to help release stress patterns and move out of the Red Zone, Green Zone, and Yellow Zone- Sympathetic System. 

This 21-Day Journey into the Nervous System has 21 different Somatic Exercises- a new one taught each day to gently move into your nervous system and allow it to feel safe and supported. These exercises are to release stored trauma- Blue Zone- Trauma/Freeze (Parasympathetic System) and slowly thaw and move towards the Red Zone, Green Zone, Yellow Zone (Sympathetic System) gently through the Healing Stages. 

Q: How is this different from the Exceptional Health Masterclass?
A: The Exceptional Health Masterclass (EHM) is a 10-week Group Coaching Program set-up for you to reach a health goal. 

Q: What types of exercises will you be teaching? What if I cannot do them?
A: The 21-Day Journey is using Somatic Exercises that will not involve any type of strenuous exercise. Many of them will be done sitting in a chair- others are moving through your home. If you don't feel comfortable doing one of the exercises that's okay, there will be plenty out of the 21 that you will implement.

Q: How long will I have access to the 21-Day Journey?
A: You will have access for 3 months. The reason for this is 2-Fold. (1) When we do something for 21-Days in a row we begin to change habits. Our nervous system creates habits- automatic responses. (2) When we have a specific time frame we are more likely to do it daily. If you need more time I completely understand and this is why I am giving you three months.

Q: What is the refund policy on the 21-Day Journey?
A: There are no refunds available on this 21-Day Journey.

Q: How long have you been doing trauma work?
A: As a physical therapist, I was not educated in trauma work. On my own health journey in 2010, I was led down a road that helped me realize that childhood trauma (ACEs Score) had caught up with me and I was now also dealing with adult trauma from too much stress. As much as the trauma aspect interested me for my own healing. I was not interested in teaching or becoming a trauma practitioner. 


In 2020, I attended my first online Trauma Summit, and I have been learning from Dr. Aimie Apigian, MD, Irene Lyons, Peter Levine, Alex Howard, and Sarah Brassard since then. However, I was still resistant to dive any deeper into trauma training.


I did my first 21-Day Reset program with The Reconnect in Australia in January 2022. This is where I have learned specific breathing techniques to reset the nervous system - specifically the autonomic nervous system (stress response and cell danger response) that is triggered based on past experiences, trauma, daily stressors, and habits. After, I saw how much breathwork could make a change to the nervous system I had to learn more about other Somatic Exercises (techniques) that also helped release trauma.

As a physical therapist, I had learned different somatic exercises through the years- but had not learned the essential sequence using them for stored trauma. 


In July 2022 I began taking courses through Dr. Aimie Apigain, MD, and learning the essential sequence to healing trauma. Using Somatic Exercises I have seen a change in my own nervous system and though;) I haven't decided if I am going to become a Certified Trauma Provider. I do believe that the Somatic Exercises I have learned and chosen for this 21-Day Journey are a necessary foundation and will help equip the women I work with to better understand their nervous systems and why they do the things they don't want to do and why they don't do the things they want to do and it's all related to the nervous system and stored trauma. 

My mission has not changed - helping women live a life of less stress and more energy and this course will help women better enter the Exceptional Health Masterclass and reach their health goal in 10 weeks using the ExSEPshNL Formula. 

Watch Parties
Connection is an important part of the healing process. 
Join me during the daily watch party to ask questions, share your experiences,
 or to just know you are not alone on your healing journey. 
January 11th-31st 8:00 am CT
February 8th- 28th  8:00 am CT
April 10th-30th 8:00 am CT
June 10th-June 30th 7:00 am CT

August 11th- 31st 7:00 am CT
September 10th- 30th 7:00 am CT
October 11th-October 31st 8:00 am CT
December 1st-December 21st 8:00 am CT

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