Is my biofield protecting me?

The electromagnetic field is radiant energy that surrounds us and protects us from harmful energy in our environment.
Your field does many things, but for its function of protection we're talking about here, you just need White Angelica essential oil blend.

Step 1: Ask, "Do I need to apply white angelica?"  Yes-Go to Step 2. No- Go back to "Am I protected?

Step 2: Apply White Angelica oil to your hands and cover your body from the top of the head down to the toes. 

Step 3: Ask, "Is my biofield protecting me?" Where you got 'no' before, you should get 'yes' now. If your biofield is still not protecting you, ask if you just need to continue using White Angelica oil for a time. You may need to apply the oil several times that day, and even over several days for your biofield to fully protect you.

Step 4: Page back to
"Am I Protected?" to see if you are protected now, or to the next thing you need to do to be protected.


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