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Hey! I'm Shawna And I'm on a Mission to Help YOU
 Live a Life of Less Stress and More Energy!
In the last 30 years as a physical therapist and health & wellness coach 
I've helped women increase their energy levels so they could heal.

Healing looks a little different for everyone. 

Sometimes it's moving from feeling...
sick and tired to healthy and vibrant
fatigue and brain fog to energized and vitalized
stressed and anxious to safe and relaxed.

Unlike most health gurus I DON'T start with a 
weight loss program or a list of supplements.

My goal is to teach you
HOW you can increase your ENERGY
with everyday living.

What's amazing is most will find when they have more energy
they sleep better, feel better and lose weight if that's their goal. 

My 7-Day Energy Kickstarter Challenge 
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I'll show you HOW to stay energized...

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My #1 Tip For More Energy
If you are like me for years, I thought food was the #1 source of energy.

If I found and ate the perfect diet...
I would have more energy, be my ideal weight and feel great.

If I didn't feel that way, I blamed it on myself or on the food.

Now don't get me wrong, 
What we eat plays a part in how we feel.

But, what if it's not the #1 Energy Source
required for energy, weight loss, and more?

#1 Energy Source

90% of your energy comes from oxygen

Oxygen is crucial for brain and nervous system function. 
Oxygen strengthens the cardiovascular system.
Oxygen rejuvenates your glands and your hormones.
Oxygen boosts your immune system and helps the immune cells to destroy microbes. 
Oxygen helps you to clear toxins and waste products from your system. 
Oxygen is the spark that transforms food into energy.

#1 Way to Boost Your Energy: Breathwork

What If Your Energy Problem
is REALLY an Energy Source Issue?

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