The 30-Day Healing Breathwork Program

4 Healing Experiences

Healing Unforgiveness
Healing Abandonment
Healing Anger
Healing Pain

The 30-Day Healing Breathwork program is designed to teach you how to use the breath to release spiritual, emotional, and physical strongholds like unforgiveness, abandonment, anger, and pain.

We are looking at these strongholds from our spiritual heart- beliefs, our emotional heart- emotions, and from our physical heart- blocks within our nervous system and how they are all connected to our breath.  

If you are ready to flip your limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs and see the other side of your depleting emotion can be renewed while rewiring your nervous system all with this amazing breathwork experience, then join me for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 experiences. 


Freeze Response
Feel stuck in life and in a constant state of indecision. 
Feels blank and says "I don't know" a lot.

Fight Response
Feels powerless against the inner self and is fighting or yelling with those she loves or gritting her teeth to avoid exploding.

Flight Response
Constantly busy. Often unable to stop and switch off, they lose themselves in tasks or might also use tasks to avoid stressful triggers. 

Apologizes a lot. Cycle between feeling like they are a burden and/or not doing enough for others. Overwhelmed with daily life.

Restorative State
When you spend most of your time in this state your nervous system is regulated and can handle the stressors of the world.

It is "normal" to have strongholds, 

but you don't have to be "normal!"

Things happen in our lives that hurt us. 
Nobody likes to hurt. 
So we hold on to the experience and resist anything we feel could hurt us.

We would rather carry the burden of the experience than forgive the person, action, or even ourselves. 

Unknowingly causing more hurt and pain.

Are you ready to put your past where it belongs? In the past!

In this course, you will let go of unforgiveness and move towards forgiveness- a thriving life.

Did you know the fear of abandonment is one of the most common causes of anxiety? 
Are you tired of struggling? 

Are you ready to be in harmony?

In this course you will release abandonment and move towards at-one-ment- a thriving life.

Did you know that research shows that feeling angry can be a good thing for your health?
Repressing anger is actually what hurts you.
If you rarely feel anger, but often feel overwhelmed, or dealing with health issues, 
 you may hold in anger.

Are you ready to move out of crisis?
In this course you will feel anger, release it and move towards laughter and a thriving life.

Do you have spiritual, emotional, or physical pain?
Are you tired of feeling stuck and like this is how it's always going to be?
Are you ready to feel vibrant?

Are you ready to live your best life?

In this course you will learn how to feel the pain, become aware of where it is coming from and choose a thriving life.
This is where the breathwork comes in.
Your daily reality CAN be completely different.

In this 30-Day Healing Breathwork Program, I will teach you different Breathwork techniques that release the habitual stress response from limiting beliefs and depleting emotions stored in different areas of the body which allows us to live with more intention, more presence, more love, peace, and joy.

You will get regulated and stay regulated.

This 30-Day Breathwork Program is space for: 

  • The Survivor's fight response to be felt, acknowledged, and then grounded in a safe and integrated way, creating the inner space to respond differently. No longer will she feel like she must resist everything that comes her way to protect herself. No longer will she need to be chained to unforgiveness, she will feel safe to forgive herself and others, while also receiving forgiveness. 
  • The Struggler's flight response to arrive where she is and feel in the present moment. Here she will realize there is nothing she needs to escape from. She is safe - it's okay to just be -no longer is the fear that she will be abandoned because she will be in harmony and in a state of oneness. 
  • The Overwhelmed will begin to get back in touch and committed to themselves, which means they can finally discern where their responsibility begins and ends. She will begin to let go of anger, and no longer feel the burden of the world on her shoulders. 
  • The Traumatized freeze response will begin to gently set themselves back into motion. To know themselves, to hear their intuition, to feel again, and to trust each step they know is next. No longer will they pull away from their desires, but look ahead to the possibilities of life without pain. 
What is included
30-Day Guided Breathwork Program
Each Healing Session prior to the Breathwork will be information going over the topic and answering questions. I will then lead you through a 45-minute breathwork session.  We then end with a 15-30 minute debrief session at the end. 

This course is found inside Xperiencify- the Exceptional Holistic Health Learning Platform.


Q: How much time will I need to complete the program?
A: Minimum- 6 hours.

Q: What do I need to do this 30-Day Healing Breathwork Program?
A: You will need assess to the internet through your phone or computer to watch the videos inside of Xperiencify.
A: I highly recommend a journal to write in for the 30-Days. 

Q: How is this different from the Exceptional Health Masterclass?
A: The Exceptional Health Masterclass (EHM) is a 10-week Group Coaching Program set-up for you to reach a health goal. Once you pay the total price of EHM you have all the trainings for the lifetime of the program. 

Q: How long will I have access to the 30-Day Healing Breathwork Program?
A: You will have access for 30 days unless you are a Monthly or Annual Exceptional Holistic Health Member. Members have access throughout their membership. 

Q: What is the refund policy on the 30-Day Healing Breathwork Program?
A: There are no refunds available on this 30-Day Healing Breathwork Program.

Q: How long have you been doing breathwork?
A: As a physical therapist, I was educated in several types of breathwork (over 30 years ago- 1991). In 2002 (twenty years ago), I became a Certified Pilates Instructor and received breathwork training. In 2011 (10 years ago), I began using Essential Oils and continued using breathwork in my teachings. In January 2022, I did my first 21-Day Reset program with The Reconnect in Australia. This is where I have learned specific breathing techniques to reset the nervous system - specifically the autonomic nervous system (stress response and cell danger response) that is triggered based on past experiences, trauma and daily habits. 

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