The 21-Day Reset

Create the daily space you need to be the thriving woman
 full of Gratitude you were created to be!
Each Session will include: 
Daily Email and/or Text

5-10 Minutes Preparation-Tracking, Safety, Support, and Journaling exercises

15 Minutes of Deep Restorative Breathing to Music

5-10 minutes of debriefing- Tracking, SAFETY, SUPPORT, AND JOURNALING EXERCISES

The 21-Day Reset is a program designed to teach you how to use the breath to release stress, anxiety and overwhelm from your body and your life. 

How? The answer is in the Nervous System.
See, we all have a dominant stress response when we are triggered.
You may have heard of the fight, flight, and freeze responses.

Most people are a mix, but will also have one dominant stress response.


Which One Are YOU?
 stress quiz

Freeze Response
Feel stuck in life and in a constant state of indecision. 
Feels blank and says "I don't know" a lot.

Fight Response
Feels powerless against the inner self and is fighting or yelling with those she loves or gritting her teeth to avoid exploding.

Flight Response
Constantly busy. Often unable to stop and switch off, they lose themselves in tasks or might also use tasks to avoid stressful triggers. 

Apologizes a lot. Cycle between feeling like they are a burden and/or not doing enough for others. Overwhelmed with daily life.

Restorative State
When you spend most of your time in this state your nervous system is regulated and can handle the stressors of the world.

It is "normal" to feel we can't control the way we react when we are stressed.

The kids fight, the spouse is upset, the dog pees on the carpet, work is overloaded, laundry is out of hand... we grit our teeth the first 10 times and then we explode. Even if we promised we would have a better day today.

We avoid conversations with people for fear of getting into disagreements.

Or we feel that anxiety rising up, as we hover over our kids, or jump in trying to "fix" the next problem that arises in our life.

Even if we SEE ourselves doing it... we cannot change the way we feel- the way we react in those stressful moments.
This is where the breathwork comes in.
Your daily reality CAN be completely different.

In this 21-Day Reset, I will teach you a Breathwork style that releases the habitual stress responses gently over time, which allows us to live with more intention, more presence, more gratitude, more love, peace, and joy.

You will get regulated and stay regulated.

This 21-Day Reset is space for: 

  • The Survivor's fight response to be felt, acknowledged, and then grounded in a safe and integrated way, creating the inner space to respond differently. No longer will she feel like she must resist everything that comes her way to protect herself. No longer will she need to put up a fight to feel safe in an already safe environment and no longer will she feel like she needs to yell to be heard and understood. 
  • The Struggler's flight response to arrive where she is and feel in the present moment. Here she will realize there is nothing she needs to escape from. She is safe - it's okay to just be - worry, the constant go-go, and busy mind will no longer need to be a safety mechanism.
  • The Overwhelmed will begin to get back in touch and committed to themselves, which means they can finally discern where their responsibility begins and ends. She will begin to forgive, let go of anger, and no longer feel the burden of the world on her shoulders. 
  • The Traumatized freeze response will begin to gently set themselves back into motion. To know themselves, to hear their intuition, to feel again, and to trust each step they know is next. No longer will they pull away from their desires, but look ahead to the possibilities. 
Sue Sharing Her 
21-Day Reset Experience

Donna Sharing Her
21-Day Reset Experience

What is included
21-Day Guided Breathwork Program
Daily Emails and/or Texts
Xperiencify Learning Platform
LIVE Masterclasses 
Monday Morning at 10:00 am CT
Thursday Evenings at 8 pm CT

Plus Bonus
The 30-Day Healing Breathwork Program
Worksheet with instructions on how and when to use the following video sessions. (6+hours)

+Healing Unforgiveness
+Healing Abandonment
+Healing Anger
+Healing Pain


Q: How much time will I need to complete the program?
A: Minimum- You will need to invest 30 minutes a day. You will also be practicing the 21-Day Journey Exercises before and/or after the Deep Breathing Session. 
A: Optional- You may want to add in the training and breath sessions from the 30-Day Healing with Breathwork Program as recommended on the 21-Day Reset Worksheet.

Q: What do I need to do this 21-Day Reset?
A: You will need access to the internet through your phone or computer for the daily breathing sessions.
A: I highly recommend a journal to write in for the 21-Days. Each day you will write your intention for the Restorative breathing session (we will discuss setting an intention and I will have weekly and daily gratitude prompts that I will share in each day's email.)

Q: What types of Breathwork will you be teaching?
A: The 21-Day Reset will be a restorative breath that intentionally activates the rest and relaxation response, and is restorative to the physical system. We will resolve and integrate emotional and cognitive experiences using this very gentle technique. Essential oils are optional, but a great way to wake up the limbic system and connect your longer breathwork practice with shorter daily breathwork.  

If you are interested in learning other breathwork techniques - The Bonus: 30-Day Healing Breathwork Program uses 4 different Breathing Techniques sequentially to release energy from your nervous system. 

Blue Zone- Trauma requires Somatic Exercises to retrain the nervous system and body to feel safe. 21-Day Journey Trauma to Safety: The Essential Steps through your Nervous System to Address Stored Trauma in Your Body is a pre-requisite for this course. (You can do them simultaneously.)

Q: How long will I have access to the 21-Day Reset Program?
A: You will have access for 3 months to the 21-Day Reset Program (Unless you are an Exceptional Holistic Health Member- and you will keep it with your membership.)

Q: What is the refund policy on the 21-Day Reset?
A: There are no refunds available on this 21-Day Reset.

Q: How long have you been doing breathwork?
A: As a physical therapist, I was educated in several types of breathwork (over 30 years ago- 1991). In 2002 (twenty years ago), I became a Certified Pilates Instructor and received breathwork training. In 2011 (10 years ago), I began using Essential Oils and continued using breathwork in my teachings. In January 2022, I did my first 21-Day Reset program with The Reconnect in Australia. This is where I have learned specific breathing techniques to reset the nervous system - specifically the autonomic nervous system (stress response and cell danger response) that is triggered based on past experiences, trauma, and daily habits. 

Q: Can I do this on my own?
A: Yes! You can do this on your own daily or you can join our monthly watch parties if you would like to ask questions or need a set time for accountability.

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