Are You Ready to have Less Stress, 
Feel Better and have More Energy?

10-WEEKS or LESS, 

The Exceptional Health Masterclass is a 10- Week Program with Weekly Training Videos, Fun XP Points to Keep You Engaged, Community FB Group, Group Coaching Calls to Implement What You Learn as YOU Grow Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically and Meet Your Personal Health Goals.

Is This You? 
Stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted and too frustrated to figure out what to do- 
your health is suffering and you have no idea where to start?

Stress is the 
#1 Cause of Disease Today!

Do you feel...
Like every New Year, your mantra is “I’m going to lose weight, exercise, and eat healthy.” 
Then February comes along and you feel you have wasted the last month
and the only loss you’ve seen is in the energy department 
and you’re too tired to care about going to the gym
 or cooking a healthy meal.

You are not alone!

75% of women never meet their goal, and with every passing year, their health continues to spiral down to what seems the impossible.

3 Easy Steps





I was a mom that was trying to do everything. I felt like I was going around in circles. Getting no where. Tired of spinning and feeling like no matter what I did I wasn't enough.

I had everything I had ever dreamed of having- the wonderful husband, the awesome kids, the career, the house, the friends, and God.

Yet, inside I felt broken. I was falling apart spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I had no energy and no desire to do the things I wanted to do.

I talked to my doctor who said I was "NORMAL," he was happy to prescribe me another birth control pill, an anti-depressant or even remove some of my girly parts and see if that made me feel better.

I just felt like there had to be a better way.

Then it body betrayed me again.

My third miscarriage in a 10 year period and this time it just about killed me.

I knew something had to change. I had to change.

I didn't know how, but I found the more questions I asked the more answers I received. 



 If I heard that word one more time I was going to scream.

 I was tired of normal! 

 I wanted more for me, my family, my friends, moms across the world.

 I was ready to start a rebellion against NORMAL. 

 If normal is...sickness, fatigue, pain, headaches, depression, arthritis, miscarriages, obesity,   diabetes, cancer, anxiety, disease...

Then Normal is Highly Overrated. 

 How did we get here? How did we become a society that being "normal" living-the-standard  is the American dream?

 Must it take a near death experience to wake up and say- normal is not good enough?

 I choose different. I choose exceptional!


I saw this AD in a health magazine.

Are you on the Hormonal/ Emotional Rollercoaster?

It was like for the first time

I was seen,

I was heard,

 someone understood.

She even said she could help me get off that rollercoaster. 


When I got help! I began to implement the steps she recommended. I was actually getting somewhere. My life was changing. I was changing. I was amazed by what I was learning, but even more amazed by how each little step I took I was one step closer to becoming who I wanted to be. 

I began to take daily gratitude walks, I let go of perfectionism and judging myself and others. I began to lose weight, sleep better, and have less stress when I nourished my body with water and real foods. I began to enjoy my family more, my career more and I looked at my choices as opportunities to invest in my future instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. My finances increased and my energy exploded, there was no holding me back from living out my life to the fullest.


I needed help to achieve my health goals. I needed someone to walk me through the process.

The medical field is great for solving emergency issues. They are great at giving you medication for the symptoms or taking away that which ithey think is causing pain.

What I have learned through the past 10 years is that health care is so much more than covering up a symptom or ignoring the cause.

If you want real health. The kind that gives you energy to do the things you love to do then you have to get down to the roots.

When you grow yourself, you see the fruits of your work. 


Module 1
Your First Steps on the Roadmap to Health
The answer to many of our problems in life can be found in the Wisdom of Nature, however, as the saying goes, sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees! In other words, we get lost in the details of life and lose sight of the big picture.

Module 2
YOU! Spiritual, Emotional, Physical

You are the winning trifecta!

In this module you will be experiencing the Belief Circle.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist at Stanford University said in his research that the thing that causes illness and disease is ‘stress'. And the thing that always causes stress is a limiting ‘belief’. Now those limiting beliefs are embedded in our cellular memories.

Dr. Lipton goes on to say that if you can heal that limiting belief, the stress goes away and the immune system in the body can heal everything even genetic illnesses and disease. 

You will learn how to go from limiting belief to empowering belief in this power packed module.

Module 3
Mastering the Essentials
There are essentials to life that we sometimes put on the backburner. When we begin to experience: physical exercise, sleep, hydration and nutrition to the fullest we find that we begin to feel better, look better and have more energy.

Module 4
Living Life
This module is all about health being a part of our life- not something to do tomorrow, but how what we do today will fuel our future. You will look at what you are doing for a living, where you are investing your time, finances and the energy you have to do the things you love to do- the EXCEPTIONAL LIFE.

Module 5
Winning Results!
In this last module you will find yourself at the finish line-hands up high as a winner!!! You will have a plan to continue on your journey towards each of your health goals being achieved. 


                     Online Training 
Every Monday Morning your training videos for the week will be available in your course portal.

Each time you complete a video and an action you will receive fun XP points to help motivate you to move forward.

As you complete a module you will earn more points too!
                          Group Coaching 
Every week we will meet twice a week for our Group Coaching sessions.

Monday mornings are a time to implement healing modalities.

Thursdays are our masterclasses to learn more about health topics. 
FB Community 
The FB Group will be a great place to build community with others who are participating in the Exceptional Health Masterclass.

Here you can get to know one another better and cheer each other on as you progress towards your goals.  

Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist for over 25 years Shawna has helped over 5,200 patients meet their health goals. Whether she was helping them get out of bed, walk again or play with their kids and grandkids pain-free she loved seeing them reach their winning results.


As a follower of Christ, wife, and mom of three children, having a career, taking care of a home, and homeschooling, Shawna understands the pressures women face today. When she had her own health crisis, she asked questions that lead her to answers that have helped her for the past 10 years have the energy she desires to do the things she loves with her family. Traveling the United States in 2019/ 2020 was a life goal that she set in 2014 and met with her family.


As a leader of Young Living- a wellness organization with over 3,500 members, Shawna plays a large role in educating and empowering her members with the tools they need to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Exceptional Life Coach

As a life coach Shawna walks with women through the same process that brought her from “normal” to “exceptional” in her personal health, in her relationships, and in her business.

Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

As a health & wellness coach Shawna's focus is on the whole person; the interconnection between every part of one's life, and how it impacts overall health and wellness. Shawna uses proven coaching techniques to help people move from stressed to empowered.

What makes Shawna so unique is her ability to take a problem and find a dozen solutions with lasting results. She connects the dots of the spiritual, emotional and physical body so that not one part of the whole is missing out on the healing process as she empowers actions that leads to winning results. 

If you are ready to reach your health goals and live an EXCEPTIONAL life - Shawna will help you get there one step at a time. 
Shawna is the founder of Live an Exceptional Life, where she educates and empowers women all over the world. She is a woman of faith, an Exceptional Life Coach, health & wellness coach, goal-setting guru, and the queen of winning results. She walks women through her signature formula that leads them to the energy they desire to do the things they love to do. She’s the “go-to mom” with tips and tools to break through spiritual, emotional, and physical blocks hindering women from reaching the health level they desire. Shawna helps moms create an exceptional life that aligns with their dreams, what they want to do, and who they want to be as they live out their purpose.
Your Mission, Should YOU Choose to Accept It, is to Create, Implement and Reach Your Health Goal in the Exceptional Health Masterclass in 10-weeks or Less, So YOU Can be Less Stressed, Feel Better, and have More Energy.
And we'll be doing it together, with clarity, direction and loving support every step of the way.


I’m in Shawna’s Exceptional Health Masterclass. Just completed week 2 of a 10-week class. Shawna is an awesome encourager and has already shared a wealth of knowledge with the class. I am so glad I signed up. I can’t begin to share all the things I have learned. Already meeting my health goals so very excited for the next 8 weeks😃 ~Susie Davis


I am in Shawna's 10-week Exceptional Health Masterclass and I have learned so much in just these first two weeks! The first of these things would be to quit multitasking! I have a goal/mission to complete a task in its entirety when I have it scheduled. The second of these would be that I need to be aware of all food and drink I put into my body. Sometimes I snack aimlessly and don’t even realize it! The third thing I’ve learned is to take a goal/task and break it down into manageable pieces. This helps me feel accomplished and I have the desire to continue on in my quest of weight loss even when I feel like I’m missing the “big” goal, but meeting littler milestones. There is so much more that I love about this masterclass, but these are just a few of my favorite things I’ve learned so far! ~ Monica Schoenhals

“I have been working on my limited beliefs and releasing trapped emotions and it has been amazing at how it has changed all aspects of my life.” ~ Rose

I was having an anger issue, I wasn’t sure what to do with all this overload. It affected everything that I did.  I joined the Exceptional Health Masterclass and learned that it was a hidden emotion since I was a year old and not feeling loved.  I have been working on my limited beliefs and releasing trapped emotions and it has been amazing at how it has changed all aspects of my life.

“I became aware of what my body needs, and to listen and trust my instinct.”~ Teresa

“Learning that small things all together can make big differences.” ~ Penny

“I’ve identified several areas in my health that I can begin making small changes for even greater support.” ~ Alicia 

“Learning more about what food to eat and why they are helpful or not helpful to my body, health, weight, emotions.” ~ Johnna

“The tools I have learned to utilize in EHM is allowing me to see that I can get my health/blood glucose under control.” ~ Rindi

 "That I can. And I will. I am empowered to change and to take control." ~ Rhenea

It is an amazing feeling to know I can and I did.” ~ Susie

“I knew I needed to exercise, but I thought I didn’t have the time.” ~ Monica


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