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“As we travel down the road to health, I have some bonus material that I call TNT (Tips and Tools) 
to help you blast through spiritual, emotional, and physical blockers as you find faith, love, and self-discipline on your journey.
I’ll be providing various resources—
including journal pages, graphics, questionnaires, lists, assessments, videos, and information to empower you every step of the way.”

Excerpt From:  “BYE BYE NORMAL

My heart and the reason I wrote this book for you...

So many women want to live their best life. They want to be healthy in all areas and no matter how hard they try they feel weighed down, overwhelmed, exhausted by… something.

This was me ten years ago, which propelled me on a journey to discover exceptional health. I was looking for more energy. More joy. Anything but normal.

The questions I asked led me on a journey to discover the ExSEPshNL Formula™ a mnemonic that God had given me when I needed an answer. What I found is a process that helped me get to know more about myself and to become more of the person God put me on this earth to be. 

During this journey, I have received so much more than I had ever expected. I learned my true purpose. My calling and that my life experiences would not be in vain, but could help other women on their journey. Walking the path also gave me the courage I needed to write this book and share it with the world!

I want this for you, too.
  • If you’re feeling exhausted in your everyday life and don’t know what to do, then you need this book and will want to join my launch team.
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I was a little nervous (okay, A LOT nervous) about pouring my entire heart and soul onto the pages of this book. But it was necessary to show you the process I went through, the lies I believed about myself from early childhood days, and how I experienced true transformation through God leading me down the exceptional road, and the adventures and dreams that met me on the way. Ready to join me as we make this happen? Let's do this, together!

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