Hello, April! 

Can you smell that fresh grass growing? How about those birds chirping? This time of year is filled with an abundance of new life, such refreshing scents and colorful bursts that bring warmth and joy to the heart. 

Take a look around you and make note of what you’re thankful for. 

Start the day off by focusing on that list of gratitudes and speaking them aloud. 

Grab an oil like Abundance, Gratitude, or Joy and inhale deeply. It’s a chance to refresh your mind and step into spring with an attitude of renewal and grace. 
Speaking of refreshing scents, try these Spring Diffuser Recipes and start the season off right…

April is here, and I have a challenge for YOU! 

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This month inside the Fill My Cup FB group I'll be sharing a 
Fill My Cup Friday TNT Video 
to help you plan your daily routines for less stress and more energy. 

Every time you comment on the Video your name will go into a drawing for a fun giveaway.
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Monthly Gifts with Purchase

When your order hits one of these PV levels, you will receive the corresponding products for FREE! Look at everything you get for free when you hit 300 PV!  Here is a FREE GUIDE with more information on all the gifts with purchase in April.

 *Receive the Subscription Exclusives when your order is placed through the monthly subscription program, which is the best way to save money and support your health. If you need more details on this, let me know!

April Wellness Box Ideas

Young Living is more than just essential oils. It’s a gateway to a lifestyle filled with wellness, purpose, and abundance. If you haven’t ditched the toxins in your home - do it now! 

Start with one room and tackle one area at a time by setting up a wellness box to arrive at your doorstep with safe replacements.

Simply log into your account, find the items you want, and click “Add to Subscription.” Add at least 50 PV to your subscription box and you’ll earn points to spend on future shop orders! Add at least 100 PV to your subscription box and you’ll earn points + receive a free bottle of 15 ml of Lemon Essential Oil.

You can choose to have those items arrive monthly OR stretch them out to every two or three months - up to you. Don’t want them in your box anymore? No problem! Just delete them and add in what you DO want. It’s simple and completely customizable. Here are some ideas for your April box… 

So many great products. If you are not sure what products are best for you. You can get a FREE Insights Scan where we go through what oils and supplements will be best for you. 

Young Living in the Kitchen

Have you tried one of the newest flavors of Vitality drops - Jade Berry Lemon?! It’s fantastic! This one even contains Guarana Vida, a naturally sourced caffeine. You read that right - it’s a delicious burst of energy! 

Add it to your water (or other favorite beverage) for an easy and refreshing way to keep your hydration goals on track. 
Curious if you are hydrated? 
This is one reason I love to do the Zyto Insights Scan - it gives more information on this Lifestyle Area.

With a blend of Brazilian guarana seed extract, green tea, and Jade Lemon Vitality premium essential oil, Vitality Drops + Energy is formulated with optimal levels of natural caffeine so you can enjoy it multiple times per day. It contains natural sweeteners and is free of artificial colors or flavors. Try this slushie recipe and tell me what you think…
P.S. There are three other flavors available - Grapefruit Bergamot (contains electrolytes), Lavender Lemonade (contains electrolytes), and Spearmint Tangerine (contains caffeine). Try the variety packs in your next order! 

If you would like fun weekly recipes, then make sure to text WELLNESSCLUB to 

405-320-9192 to get my 

Weekly Wednesday Wellness Club recipe at 10 am CT. 

Product Spotlight

Ooooh, the product of the month is just simply amazing! This charcoal mask is perfect for people of all skin types. You can feel the tingling sensation as it dries, letting you know it’s hard at work - instantly clearing the complexion and providing the skin with a smoother texture.
It’s free of comedogenic oils and formulated specifically for combination to oily skin to help control excess oil and unwanted shine. It’s also formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes. 

For oily, combination, and normal skin: Cleanse face with a gentle, non-irritating cleanser; then apply a thin layer of the mask to clean face and allow the mask to harden for 5–20 minutes. Once the mask has changed color and is hard, rinse with warm water to remove. Avoid the eye area, nostrils, and lips. Follow with the rest of your skin care routine, including moisturizer to rehydrate. Use 1–3 times per week. 
For dry and sensitive skin:  Apply a thin layer of the mask to clean face and allow the mask to harden for 5–10 minutes. Once the mask has changed color and is hard, rinse with warm water to remove. Avoid the eye area, nostrils, and lips. Your skin will likely feel dry after rinsing, so promptly follow with the rest of your skin care routine, including moisturizer to rehydrate. Use as needed or as a spot treatment.

Important Announcements

Rise to Rank is an exciting, new rank-up challenge that rewards you for growing your business. The goal is simple: Achieve Executive or Silver rank by June 30 and earn an exclusive reward! Go here for more info: https://sway.office.com/fUxYSwrjex15C4yJ?ref=Link&loc=mysways

Rise to Rank - As your Diamond Leader, I have put together a Rise to Rank FB group for my team. I have a calendar in there with the YL Calls that may help you rise to your rank and reach your goals. I am also sharing some great Team YL Classes you can invite your friends and family to so that they are excited to join Young Living as a Customer or as a Brand Partner. I am here for you and cheering on your success. YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!

Find point-eligible products…

Looking for an easy way to find products eligible to be purchased with Loyalty Reward points? The new update makes it easy! Simply locate products marked with a blue flag, which is located next to the price.

Account email updates:

Users can now track shipped orders through a confirmation link in their email. Additionally, when any changes are made in My Account, an email notification will be sent to the member to notify them of the change to their account.

Locating referrals is easier than ever!

YoungLiving.com users can now find the person who referred them with our new “search by name” feature. An account profile photo, location, and member number will also be available to verify their identity. Please note that brand partners can opt out of being searched by name, in which case users will still need to enter the member number of the person who referred them.

Unique product page links now available!

You can now share a new unique link to any product page. When creating the link, you can include specific information for the sponsor and enroller of your choice, so your contacts can more easily join a specific team while shopping.

Young Living convention is back - in-person and virtually!  Welcome to the first-ever Young Living North American Convention! Just like our Asia Pacific, European, and Latin American regions have their own conventions, the annual convention held in Salt Lake City will now be utilized by our North America region to host their own convention - geared to the North American audience.

Registration is open and will remain open until April 30, 2022, for in-person tickets, or while availability lasts. There is no capacity limit for virtual tickets, and they will remain available through June 10.  

 Join us in Salt Lake City, UT at the Salt Palace Convention Center, or virtually, June 15-18, 2022! 

 Pricing for in-person tickets is $225.

Pricing for virtual tickets is $50.

 Go here for more information: https://reg.rainfocus.com/flow/youngliving/ylcon22/attendee-portal/page/portal

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Have an Awesome April,
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